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On 12 January 2006, I began a planned one-year project to go to the movies in a movie theatre every single day for a year and post a review for the film I saw the next day. This website is the result of my efforts.

On 12 January 2007, I reached my one-year anniversary. I saw and reviewed over 450 movies, but I missed the goal of going to the movies every day for a year by 3 days: 2 because of the Denver blizzard of 2006 which closed all movie theaters in the area for two entire days and 1 for Christmas Eve dinner. Still, I think coming that close was a pretty amazing accomplishment.

For year 2 of I have decided to see and review as many movies as possible not necessarily every day of the week. The site as grown in popularity from 100 readers to over 1000 readers a day on average and new components have been added such as Birthday Tributes for the most popular movie stars, poster extravaganzas honoring film franchises with a history of their movie posters, and coming soon calendars for DVD and films. Hopefully, these new features will continue to prove useful to all members of the movieEVERYday family. Please post or email your suggestions.

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Unknown said...

Scooter- do you have an all time ranking for the movies? like an all time best rated list?