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Our Site is Called: aka

Our Traffic:

As verified by we are currently enjoying 39,742 global visitors per month and an average or 55,000 page views per month.

On which pages of the site will my Ads appear?

Unless otherwise contracted, the ad space we sell displays on EVERY page of the site which has over 2,322 pages of content with an average of 55,000 page views per month (again verifiable via

What durations are available for Advertising Campaigns?

30 days minimum

What are your pricing seasons?

[silver season is 1 February - 15 September] [gold season is 16 September - 31 January]

Specifically, what space is available for Sale?

Image Ad Space Available for Sale:
[NOTE: All prices going up approximately 15-20% on 1 September, reserve space now to lock it in at today's prices.]

1 Top Banner spot (728 x 90) [silver season $125] [gold season $175]

2 side bar boxes (300 x 250) [silver season $55 each] [gold season $85 each]

Wildly Popular Text Link Space for Sale:

Band of text links below page header (room for 4 sets of short key terms)
[purchaser must buy all four spots in one band]

example: yours could read...

Ads by mEd .com Great Widgets Widgets for Sale Fans of Widgets World of Widgets

Our counters find these text links are the most clicked links on the entire site, and the prices reflect this wild popularity.

1st band [4 key term sets] top band [silver season $175] [gold season $225]
2nd band [4 key term sets] bottom band [silver season $160] [gold season $210]
Both bands [8 key term sets total] top and bottom band together [silver season $310] [gold season $410] (save $25)
Alternate: Buy 1 band and suppress the other band [silver season $300] [gold season $400] (save $35)

*suppress means we won't sell the other, but you won't have additional text cluttering or distracting from your clicks.

The space you describe is currently filled with Google® ads?
Purchasers of any of this advertisement space listed above will find their ads will displace the currently populating Google® ads. In other words, there will not be an increase of ads on the site. We just populate our space with Google® ads unless the space is privately sold--that's how we make money in between sales.

Is there other space for sale down in your side bar?

We will add your 300 x 250 image ad to our array of ads in our sidebar in our "Sponsors" section -- first priority to paying customers vs. affiliate customers for the following prices (max of 2 running per 30-day period:

1st box (top position in sponsor section) [silver season $35] [gold season $50]
2nd box (next highest position in sponsor section) [silver season $30] [gold season $45]
Both boxes [silver season $60] [gold season $90] (save $5)
Alternate: Buy 1 box and suppress the other box [silver season $55] [gold season $85] (save $10)

*suppress means we won't sell two boxes, so you won't have any possible competition from other buyers, but you won't have the clutter of two ads for your product in the same general spot.

Do you have any special offers to buy all of the available space for one low price?

We are offering a holiday special (offer good from 30 Sept 2008 - 31 Dec 2008 or end of contract.)

Buy all of our available space as listed above only:

Main Banner ad at top, band of links (1 suppressed) , 2 side bar boxes, plus 1 more side box (other is suppressed) for 30 days at the low, low price of $875 .

Do you have any restrictions on what ads you will run?

Absolutely. We will not publish ads that fall into the category, solely at our exclusive interpretation, of non-politically correct ads; ads for gambling, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, mature adult products; ads for sites that demean or endanger animals or other human beings; ads which promote hate or violence of any kind; ads that discriminate on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation; ads that promote illegal activity such as illegal downloading of films or music; or any other ads that our editor feels are not in keeping with the good standards expected by our readership.

How do you pay for and reserve space?
Email us at (remove underscores) for discussions and contracts. Space may only be reserved up to 6 months in advance and with a 50% deposit (25% loss of deposit upon cancellation of reservation).

Other questions should also be emailed to (remove underscores).

updated 11 July 2008

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