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      • December 2008

        • 23th [details]
          Hamlet 2
          The House Bunny

        • 9th [details]
          The Dark Knight
          Horton Hears A Who!
          The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emeperor

        • 2nd [details]
          Chronicles of Narnia 2
          Step Brothers
          X-Files: I Want to Believe

      • November 2008

        • 25th [details]
          Fly Me to the Moon
          Fred Claus
          Meet Dave
          Space Chimps

        • 18th [details]
          Gonzo: The Life And Work Of Hunter S. Thompson
          Tropic Thunder

        • 11th [details]
          Beer for My Horses
          Hellboy II: The Golden Army
          Kung Fu Panda
          Mister Foe
          Star Wars: The Clone Wars
          This Christmas

        • 4th [details]
          Get Smart
          Goal II: Living The Dream

      • October 2008

        • 28th [details]
          Eight Miles High
          Hell Ride
          Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D
          Planet B-Boy

        • 21st [details]
          The Strangers

        • 14th [details]
          the Incredible Hulk
          Indiana Joes 4
          Pirate Veggie Tales Movie
          War, Inc.

        • 7th [details]
          Boy A
          The Happening
          The Memory Keeper's Daughter
          The Visitor
          You Don't Mess With The Zohan

      • September 2008

        • 30th [details]
          Bigger, Stronger, Faster
          CSNY Déjà Vu
          Iron Man
          OSS 117: Cairo, Nest Of Spies

        • 23rd [details]
          Forgetting Sarah Marshall
          The Price of Sugar
          Run, Fatboy, Run
          Sex and the City

        • 16th [details]
          88 Minutes
          Made of Honor
          Snow Angels
          Speed Racer
          Young @ Heart

        • 9th [details]
          Baby Mama
          The Forbidden Kingdom

        • 2nd [details]
          Monster Camp
          The Promotion
          Then She Found Me

      • August 2008

        • 26th [details]
          Chicago 10
          What Happens in Vegas

        • 19th [details]
          Camp Rock
          Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert
          The Life Before Her Eyes
          Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
          Prom Night
          Quid Pro Quo
          Strange Wilderness
          Street Kings

        • 12th [details]
          Smart People

        • 5th [details]
          Nim's Island
          Where in the World is Osama bin Laden

      • July 2008

      • June 2008

        • 24th [details]
          10,000 B.C.
          Charlie Bartlett
          Definitely, Maybe
          In Bruges
          The Spiderwick Chronicles

        • 17th [details]
          Fool's Gold
          Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

        • 10th [details]
          The Bucket List
          Funny Games
          The Grand
          The Other Boleyn Girl
          The Signal
          Witless Protection

        • 3rd [details]
          The Eye
          Meet the Spartans

      • May 2008

        • 27th [details]
          Cassandra's Dream
          Grace is Gone

        • 20th [details]
          National Treasure: BoS

        • 13th [details]
          The Great Debaters
          Mad Money
          Youth Without Youth

        • 6th [details]
          A Collection Of 2007 Academy Award®-Nominated Short Films
          El Cantante
          First Sunday
          The Hottie and the Nottie
          Little Children
          Over Her Dead Body
          P.S., I Love You

      • April 2008

        • 29th [details]
          27 Dresses
          The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
          The Golden Compass
          How She Move

        • 22nd [details]
          Nina's Heavenly Delights
          One Missed Call
          The Orphanage
          The Savages
          Starting Out In The Evening
          Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
          The Walker
          What Would Jesus Buy?

        • 15th [details]
          AvP - Requiem
          Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
          Charlie Wilson's War
          December boys
          I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With
          Lars and the Real Girl
          War Dance

        • 8th [details]
          The 11th Hour
          The Final Season
          Lions For Lambs
          Reservation Road
          Resurrecting the Champ
          There Will Be Blood
          Walk Hard
          The Water Horse

        • 1st [details]
          Alvin and the Chipmunks
          Sweeney Todd

      • March 2008

        • 25th [details]
          Jimmy Carter Man From Plains
          The Kite Runner
          The Mist

        • 18th [details]
          Crazy Eights
          The Deaths Of Ian Stone
          I Am Legend
          Lake Dead
          Love In The Time Of Cholera
          Mulberry Street
          Nightmare Man
          The Seeker: Dark is Rising
          Southland Tales
          Tooth & Nail

        • 11th [details]
          August Rush
          Bee Movie
          Black Book (Zwartboek)
          Dan In Real Life
          Lake of Fire
          Nancy Drew
          No Country for Old Men

        • 4th [details]
          Into the Wild
          Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
          My Kid Could Paint That
          Things We Lost In The Fire
          The Ultimate Gift

      • February 2008

        • 26th [details]
          Death At A Funeral
          The Darjeeling Limited

        • 19th [details]
          30 Days of Night
          American Gangster
          For the Bible Tells Me So
          In The Valley Of Elah
          Margot at the Wedding
          Michael Clayton

        • 12th [details]
          Becoming Jane
          Gone Baby Gone
          I Could Never Be Your Woman
          In the Shadow of the Moon
          Introducing the Dwights
          Martian Child
          No Reservations
          The Amateurs
          We Own the Night
          Why Did I Get Married?

        • 5th [details]
          Across the Universe
          Assassination of Jesse James
          Blind Dating
          Elizabeth: The Golden Age
          Feast of Love
          Fierce People
          I Think I Love My Wife
          The Brave One
          The Jane Austen Book Club

      • January 2008

        • 29th [details]The King of California
          Daddy Day Camp
          Rocket Science
          King of Kong
          The Nines
          Ladrón que roba a ladrór
          Ira & Abby
          The Comebacks

        • 22th [details]The Game Plan
          Saw IV
          Sydney White
          The Hunting Party

        • 15th [details]Mr. Woodcock
          The Ten
          Good Luck Chuck

        • 8th [details]3:10 to Yuma
          Death Sentence
          Dragon Wars
          Black Irish
          The Invasion

        • 1st [details]September Dawn
          Shoot 'Em Up • War
          Resident Evil: Extinction

      • December 2007

        • 26th [details]Rush Hour 3
          Brothers Solomon
          Eastern Promises
          The Heartbreak Kid
          The Kingdom

        • 18th [details]Balls of Fury • Once
          The Simpsons Movie
          Stardust • Underdog
          Illegal Tender
          Last Legion

        • 11th [details]The Bourne Ultimatum
          HP: Order of the Phoenix
          December Boys

        • 4th [details]PoC: At World's End
          The Nanny Diaries
          Arctic Tale

      • November 2007

        • 27th [details]Mr. Bean's Holiday
          I Know Who Killed Me
          Hot Rod
          Skin Walkers
          The Namesake
          Who's Your Caddy?

        • 20th [details]Angel-A • Hairspray
          Live Free or Die Hard
          Rescue Dawn
          Santa Clause 3

        • 13th [details]Ocean's Thirteen
          Paris Je T'aime
          Shrek the Third

        • 6th [details]I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
          Ratatouille • Sicko

      • October 2007

        • 30th [details]Captivity
          License to Wed
          Spider-Man 3
          Talk to Me • Waitress

        • 23rd [details]Fido • Hostel: Part II
          Meet the Robinsons
          Mr. Brooks

        • 16th [details]The Hoax
          The Invisible
          A Mighty Heart
          Planet Terror
          The Reaping

        • 9th [details]28 Weeks Later
          Evan Almighty
          Man Push Cart
          Reign Over Me
          Surf's Up
          You Kill Me

        • 2nd [details]1408
          Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

      • September 2007

        • 25th [details]Next • 11:59
          Black Book • Bug
          Evening • Full of It
          The TV Set

        • 18th [details]Death Proof • Gracie
          The Condemned
          Knocked Up
          Lucky You
          We Are Marshall

        • 11th [details]Away from Her
          Triad Election
          Snow Cake

        • 4th [details]Bobby Z • Delta Farce
          Georgia Rule
          The Wind that Shakes the Barley

      • August 2007

        • 28th [details]Blades of Glory
          Kickin' It Old Skool
          Year of the Dog

        • 21st [details]The Ex
          The Lives of Others
          Perfect Stranger
          Surfer King

        • 14th [details]Wild Hogs
          The Lookout
          Vacancy • Fracture
          A.T.H.F. Colon Movie

        • 7th [details]Are We Done Yet Disturbia
          I Think I Love My Wife
          Unaccompanied Minors

      • July 2007

      • June 2007

        • 26th [details]Black Snake Moan Dead Silence • Pride Shooter

        • 19th [details]Bridge To Terabithia Gray Matters
          Miss Potter
          Reno 911! Miami

        • 12th [details]Blood and Chocolate Breach • The Bridge Ghost Rider • Norbit Primeval

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