Spoiler Points for The Hunting Party (2007)

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Spoiler Points for The Hunting Party (2007) [R] 103 minutes
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During the war in Bosnia, Simon and Duck were not always rooting out evil for their stories. Sometimes, they were having a good time with the locals. Simon, though he was not able to admit it to himself at the time, fell in love with a Bosnian woman and apparently got her pregnant. On the day that Simon lost it on the air, there was a very good reason, he and Duck were in her village and came upon her body with five bullet holes through her pregnant abdomen. The butchery and brutality of this atrocious war was driven home to Simon in the most horrifying of ways. The man responsible for her death, was none other than The Fox, and hence Simon's blood thirst for revenge in the capture and killing of The Fox are truly what motivate him throughout the film.

As they keep asking so many questions as to The Fox's whereabouts, eventually, the Fox has them seized and taken to a rural home for interrogation. Just before they are about to be killed by The Fox's men, the CIA pops in and rescues them. They are supposed to leave the country, but they flee the helicopter hangar with their mission goals now firmly embedded.

They do finally catch The Fox, where else, than on a Fox Hunt where he cannot be protected by his entourage. Rather than turning him in an collecting the $5 million reward, they shove him in the trunk and drive him to the town of his savage atrocities leaving him there, hands tied, for the locals to decide what to do with him.

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