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Good Luck Chuck (2007) [R]-- W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $13.50
Review-lite: With only a couple of drawbacks, Good Luck Chuck starring Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, and Dan Fogler represents one of the most zany, vibrant, and sexually potent comedies of the year. Director Mark Helfrich buckles a bit too much at times to stereotypes while simultaneously celebrating the cool and unique differences between the genders. Therefore, on the one hand it shows some frailty, while on the other great enlightenment. Truly, Good Luck Chuck is an uproarious romantic comedy with a strong sense of understanding of the needs of all kinds of men and women playing to secret desires of both and with the eventual emphasis on finding a true love and equally satisfying soul mates. (click for full details and complete review)

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Good Luck Chuck (Unrated Version--Widescreen) [Blu-ray](2007)
Good Luck Chuck [DVD](2007)
Good Luck Chuck (Widescreen Version) [DVD](2007)
Good Luck Chuck (Unrated Version) [DVD](2007)
Good Luck Chuck (Unrated Version--Widescreen) [DVD](2007)

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Mr. Woodcock (2007) [PG-13]-- W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $06.75
Review-lite: Despite the talents of Academy Award® nominees Susan Sarandon and Billy Bob Thornton, Mr. Woodcock, is about as funny as the juvenile jokes the title is certain to inspire. Seann William Scott actually shines, but he's swimming upstream against a script that stinks, characters that could have been played by robots, and a moral and ethical mismatch that causes this film to tank just as soon as you realize that you've already seen all the funny parts in the trailer. (click for full details and complete review)

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Mr. Woodcock [Blu-ray](2007)
Mr. Woodcock [DVD](2007)

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The Ten (2007) [R]-- W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $04.00
Review-lite: Somehow comedy writers David Wain and Ken Marino convinced a bunch of talented actors to star in their barely funny and even then only in an embarrassing way, film of ten short stories based on the Ten Commandments. The result is a wildly uneven collection narrated and linked by Paul Rudd's borderline inane narrative sequences that serve to set up and introduce each story. Two of the 10 are worth seeing, and two are capable of driving most decent people from the theatre. The rest are silly or banal. It seems a sin to direct so much creativity and talent in mostly the wrong directions. (click for full details and complete review)

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The Ten [DVD](2007)


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