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Gonzo: The Life And Work Of Hunter S. Thompson (2008)

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Gonzo: The Life And Work Of Hunter S. Thompson [DVD](2008)
Living--and dying--with a fast, hard, and uncompromising style was the only choice for writer/journalist Hunter S. Thompson. In this insightful documentary directed by Alex Gibney ("Taxi to the Dark Side") and narrated by "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" star Johnny Depp, Thompson's radically colorful life and works are investigated and celebrated, offering an undiluted portrait of the counterculture icon. 120 min. Soundtrack: English; Subtitles: Spanish.

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Priceless (2008) [PG-13]

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Priceless (Hors De Prix) [Blu-ray](2006)
Priceless (Hors De Prix) [DVD](2006)
Audrey Tautou ("Amelie") plays a beautiful and resourceful young woman who romances men only for the money they spend on her. A humble porter (Gad Elmaleh) does his best to melt her heart even after she discovers he's not the rich man she mistook him to be, going so far as to solicit gold-digging advice from her when a rich widow lavishes her attentions on him. French farce co-stars Marie-Christine Adam, Vernon Dobtcheff. 102 min. Soundtrack: French Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English (SDH), Spanish; deleted scenes; featurettes; "making of" featurette; theatrical trailers. In French with English subtitles.

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Tropic Thunder (2008) [R]-- W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $14.25
Review-lite: If you like stepping in a little controversy, go see Tropic Thunder, but be prepared, honestly, to bring a legal pad and take notes for this film is truly a text book in and of itself when it comes to brilliance in filmmaking. A set of unexpectedly great actors deliver unexpectedly inspired performances under the direction of satirical genius Ben Stiller who has just relocated to a new time zone on the map of greatness with this unbelievable film achievement. You can buy the controversies and totally miss what this film is really about and what has really been achieved or you can spend the next few weeks pouring over your notes and realize what risks it took to make this movie and to stand by it in the end. (click for full details and complete review)

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Tropic Thunder (Unrated Director's Cut) [Blu-ray](2008)
Tropic Thunder [DVD](2008)
Tropic Thunder (Unrated Director's Cut) [DVD](2008)

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Wall-E (2008) [G]

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WALL-E [Blu-ray](2008)
Seven hundred years from now, humanity has abandoned a trash-filled, ecologically ravaged Earth, leaving a planet full of garbage to be compacted by robots like little WALL-E (voiced by Ben Burtt). When a sleek "female" robot is sent to Earth to search for signs of life by the captain (Jeff Garlin) piloting mankind's spaceship home away from home, WALL-E finds both love and a renewed purpose. Pixar's sweet, satirical animated film co-stars the voices of Sigourney Weaver, John Ratzenberger. 98 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; audio commentary; bonus shorts; deleted scenes; featurettes; games; more. Two-disc set.

WALL-E (3-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray](2008)
WALL-E [DVD](2008)
WALL-E (3-Disc Special Edition) [DVD](2008)

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