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actor Christian Slater, born on 18 August 1969 in New York City, New York a very Happy Birthday! Please feel free to add your own birthday wishes for Christian by adding a comment below.
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A look back on highlights of Christian Slater's acting career in film to date via Movie Posters
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Jason Dean
Mark Hunter
Lewis Farrell
John Mannion
Pete Anderson
J.D. Reston

Additional Pictures of Christian Slater

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Gleaming the Cube
Untamed Heart
Alone in the Dark
Broken Arrow

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3000 Miles To Graceland [DVD](2000)
Alone In The Dark (Unrated Director's Cut) [DVD](2005)
Alone In The Dark [DVD](2005)
Basil [DVD](1998)
Bed Of Roses [DVD](1996)
Broken Arrow [Blu-ray](1996)
Broken Arrow [DVD](1996)
Confessor, The [DVD](2004)
Contender, The [DVD](2000)
Contender, The [VHS](2000)
Deal, The [DVD](2005)
Desperate For Love [DVD](1989)
Desperate For Love [VHS](1989)
Dinner For Five: The Complete First Season [DVD](2001)
FernGully: The Last Rainforest [VHS](1992)
Funtastic Adventures Collection [DVD]
Hard Cash [DVD](2002)
Hard Rain [DVD](1998)
Heathers (Letterboxed Collector's Edition) [VHS](1989)
Heathers [DVD](1989)
Hollow Man 2 [DVD](2006)
Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles [DVD](1994)
Jimmy Hollywood [DVD](1994)
Jimmy Hollywood [VHS](1994)
Julian Po [DVD](1997)
Kuffs [DVD](1992)
Kuffs [VHS](1992)
Living In The '80s!: Boxed Set [DVD]
Love Stinks [DVD](1999)
Mindhunters [DVD](2004)
Mobsters [DVD](1991)
Murder In The First [DVD](1995)
Murder In The First [VHS](1995)
Name Of The Rose, The [DVD](1986)
Pump Up The Volume [DVD](1990)
Pursued [DVD](2004)
Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (Special Edition) [DVD](1991)
Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves [DVD](1991)
Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves [VHS](1991)
Robot Chicken: Season Two [DVD](2006)
Tales From The Darkside: The Movie [DVD](1990)
True Romance (Special Edition) [DVD](1993)
True Romance [DVD](1993)
Tucker: The Man And His Dream [DVD](1988)
Untamed Heart [DVD](1993)
Untamed Heart [VHS](1993)
Very Bad Things [DVD](1998)
West Wing: The Complete Fourth Season, The [DVD](2002)
Who Is Cletis Tout? [DVD](2002)
Who Is Cletis Tout? [VHS](2002)
Windtalkers (Director's Edition 3-Disc Set) [DVD](2002)
Windtalkers (Director's Edition) [DVD](2002)
Windtalkers [DVD](2002)
Wizard, The [DVD](1989)
Young Guns II [DVD](1990)
Zoolander [DVD](2001)

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Content Summary:
• Christian Slater's Birthday: 18 August 1969
• birthplace of Christian Slater: New York City, New York
• linked list of movies and/or tv shows featuring Christian Slater available for purchase
• brief filmography for Christian Slater via movie posters
• additional photos of Christian Slater (when available)
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