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Film: Renaissance (2006) [R] 105 minutes
WIP™ Scale: $12.50
Where Viewed: Landmark Esquire Theatre, Denver, CO
When 1st Seen:9 October 2006
Time: 7:20 p.m.

Directed by: Christian Volckman (Maaz)
Written by: Alexandre de La Patellière and Mathieu Delaporte
Adapted by: Jean-Bernard Pouy and Patrick Raynal

Voice Cast [English-speaking] (Where You Might Remember Hearing Him/Her From):
Daniel Craig (Munich) • Catherine McCormack (A Sound of Thunder) • Romola Garai (Scoop) • Jonathan Pryce (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest) • Ian Holm (Strangers with Candy)
Voice Cast [French-speaking] (Where You Might Remember Hearing Him/Her From):
Patrick Floersheim (Virgil) • Laura Blanc (debut) • Virginie Mery (Bernadette) • Gabriel Le Doze (Le Démon de midi) • Marc Cassot (Strings)

Soundtrack: Download now from Nicholas Dodd - Renaissance — or — order the CD soundtrack below

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""…stirring score…rich voice artistry, and the additional stunning visual effects of rain and snow and smoke…add more dazzling decoration to the icing on the semi-hollow cake…"

"…a film with an amazing look and style, characters that are as rich in depth and emotion as one can possibly derive from this effect, but all cast about in a story that barely delivers on the promise of that style and those characters."

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Voice Cast Members
Marc CassotDaniel CraigPatrick Floersheim
Romola GaraiIan HolmGabriel Le Doze
Catherine McCormackJonathan Pryce
CD Soundtrack

Renaissance (2006) Review-lite [150-word cap]
On a rainy day in Paris 2054, super scientist Ilona Tasuiev is abducted by a mysterious and shadowy assailant. Her sister, Bislain, works with officer Barthélémy Karas under the watchful eyes of megacorporation, Avalon, and her mentor, Dr. Jonas Muller, to find her. As no one is asking for any ransom, finding her becomes a mystery that must be worked out like Rubik's cube in Renaissance, this uniquely animated film rendered entirely in a new and astonishing black and white form under the direction of Christian Volckman. While difficult to watch at first, the brain eventually works to make sense of the world derived purely from positive and negative space. Unfortunately, the story told in black and white without gray cries out for a story where the moral implications are more complelling. Waiting too long to reveal the twist, the story fails to reach what could have been miraculous heights.

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