Brad Renfro's Birthday

Actor Brad Renfro was born on 25 July 1982 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Tragically, is sad to report that he left this world on Tuesday, 15 January 2008 at the age of 25.

Please feel free to add your own tributes to Brad or comments about his contributions to the world of film by adding comments below.

A look back on highlights of Brad Renfro's acting career in film via Movie Posters.
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Mark Sway
Huck Finn
Michael Sullivan
Telling Lies in America
Karchy Jonas
Todd Bowden
Marty Puccio
The Stranger

Additional Pictures of Brad Renfro

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Apt Pupil

Please check out the work of Brad Renfro available for purchase from our premier partner, Movies Unlimited.
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10th & Wolf [DVD] (2006)
Apt Pupil [DVD] (1998)
Bully (R-Rated Version) [VHS] (2001)
Bully [DVD] (2001)
Client, The [DVD] (1994)
Confessions Of An American Girl [DVD] (2002)
Cure, The [DVD] (1995)
Deuces Wild [DVD] (2002)
Ghost World [DVD] (2001)
Ghost World [VHS] (2001)
Happy Campers [DVD] (2001)
Jacket, The [DVD] (2005)
Job, The [DVD] (2003)
Mummy An' The Armadillo, The [DVD] (2004)
Skipped Parts [DVD] (2000)
Sleepers [DVD] (1996)
Tart [DVD] (2001)
Tom And Huck [DVD] (1995)

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Content Summary:
• Brad Renfro's Birthday: 25 July 1982
• birthplace of Brad Renfro: Knoxville, Tennessee
• linked list of movies and/or tv shows featuring Brad Renfro available for purchase
• brief filmography for Brad Renfro via movie posters
• additional photos of Brad Renfro (when available)
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Bully Client who lives in a Ghost World as a Happy Camper wishing for a pop Tart
from an Apt Pupil who works part time as a Meterman while finding The Cure for Tom and Huck on Tenth and Wolf.

Love the Classic 1969 Beetle chick.