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Note: As of 13 October 2007, archives will not be utilized in this way. Instead, a new post will be made for each day of the year.

10 October - 12 October 2007
Fresno and the Crystal Skull
Cameron Diaz in The Box
Nicholas Cage May 'Half Nelson' The Wrestler
Actress Rose McGowan and filmmaker Robert Rodridguez Set to Tie the Knot
Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Respectfully Distant at Rendition Premiere
Jolie and Clooney--Unkind Words or Just Gossip?
Howard Dean Play to Become DiCaprio / Clooney Film
Jude Law Has the Law on His Side
An Inconvenient Truth to Be Shown to British School Children
Some Films did not Learn from The Departed
Kirsten Dunst finds Action Boring
Hollywood Takes on the War
Lindsay Lohan Fires Mom
Pamela Anderson Pregnant
Zac Efron Under the Radar
Director, Ben Affleck Takes Delays Film Release in England
Will Ferrell Ends up In "Land of the Lost"?
Charlize Theron Gets Beauty Nod
Chevy Chase to the Small Screen
There Will Be No Kingdom in Kuwait
Eric Bana as a Villain?

26 September - 9 October 2007
Pablo Escobar -- Focus of Two Films
To Be or Not to Be" Jude Law
The Affleck Brothers Gone to Chicago
Sad News--Irish Actor Tom Murphy has Died
The Code Casting Announcement
What is Hollywood without Writers?
Owen Wilson Attends Premiere
Ryan Gosling on Lars and the Real Girl
The Kite Runner Won't Fly Until December
Jennifer Aniston's Face a Top Seller
AFI Celebrates 40 Years
Michelle Pfeiffer Attends Stardust UK Premiere
New Wallace and Gromit Film
President Bush Has Something to Say About Hollywood Values
Actor Ben Stiller at the Premiere of The Heartbreak Kid
Actor Kevin Spacey meets with President Hugo Chavez

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