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actor Samuel L. Jackson, born on 21 December 1948 in Washington, District of Columbia a very Happy Birthday! Please feel free to add your own birthday wishes for Samuel L. by adding a comment below.
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Gang Member #2
Stacks Edwards
Ray Arnold
Jules Winnfield
Elijah Price
John Shaft
Neville Flynn
Nick Fury
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Changing Lanes
Coach Carter
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Samuel L. Jackson - Shaft
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Vincent & Jules
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Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
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Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windoo
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1408 (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) [DVD](2007)
187 [DVD](1997)
Against The Wall [DVD](1994)
America Beyond The Color Line [DVD](2004)
Amos & Andrew [DVD](1993)
Basic [DVD](2003)
Betsy's Wedding [DVD](1990)
Black Snake Moan [Blu-ray](2006)
Black Snake Moan [DVD](2006)
Black Snake Moan [HD-DVD](2006)
Caveman's Valentine, The [DVD](2001)
Changing Lanes [DVD](2002)
Coach Carter (Widescreen Version) [DVD](2005)
Coach Carter [DVD](2005)
Coach Carter [VHS](2005)
Deep Blue Sea [DVD](1999)
Denzel Washington Spotlight Collection [DVD]
Die Hard With A Vengeance [Blu-ray](1995)
Die Hard With A Vengeance [DVD](1995)
Eddie Murphy Raw [DVD](1987)
Eve's Bayou (Signature Series) [DVD](1997)
Exorcist III, The [DVD](1990)
Extras: The Complete First Season [DVD](2005)
Farce Of The Penguins [DVD](2007)
Fluke [DVD](1995)
Formula 51 [DVD](2002)
Freedomland (2006)/S.W.A.T. (2003) (Widescreen Versions) [DVD]
Freedomland (2006)/S.W.A.T. (2003) [DVD]
Freedomland [DVD](2006)
Fresh [DVD](1994)
Goodfellas [DVD](1990)
Great White Hype, The [DVD](1996)
Hail Caesar [DVD](1994)
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For Every Child [DVD]
Happily Ever After: The Pied Piper [VHS]
Hard Eight [DVD](1996)
Hard Eight [VHS](1996)
Home Of The Brave [Blu-ray](2006)
Home Of The Brave [DVD](2006)
Hustle & Flow (2005)/Black Snake Moan [DVD](2007)
In My Country [DVD](2004)
Incredibles, The [DVD](Widescreen Version)(2004)
Incredibles, The [DVD](2004)
Jackie Brown [DVD](1998)
Jazz [DVD](2000)
Juice [DVD](1992)
Jumpin At The Boneyard [VHS](1992)
Jungle Fever [DVD](1991)
Jurassic Park (1993)/Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997): Deluxe Edition Boxed Set [DVD]
Jurassic Park (Movie Poster)(1993)
Jurassic Park (Widescreen Version) [DVD](1993)
Jurassic Park [DVD](1993)
Jurassic Park Adventure Pack [DVD]
Jurassic Park: The Collection (Widescreen Version) [DVD]
Jurassic Park: The Collection [DVD]
Kiss Of Death [DVD](1995)
Law & Order: The First Year [DVD](1990)
Long Kiss Goodnight, The [DVD](1996)
Losing Isaiah [DVD](1995)
M. Night Shyamalan 3-Pack DVD Boxed Set [DVD]
Man, The [DVD](2005)
Martin's Big Words...And More Stories From The African-American Tradition [DVD]
Martin's Big Words...And More Stories From The African-American Tradition [VHS]
Menace II Society [DVD](1993)
Mo' Better Blues [DVD](1990)
National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 [DVD](1993)
Negotiator, The [DVD](1998)
No Good Deed [DVD](2002)
No Good Deed [VHS](2002)
Our Friend, Martin [DVD](1999)
Out Of Sight [DVD](1998)
Patriot Games [DVD](1992)
Pulp Fiction [DVD](1994)
Red Violin, The [DVD](1999)
Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story [DVD](2007)
Resurrecting The Champ [DVD](2007)
Rules Of Engagement [DVD](2000)
S.W.A.T. (Superbit) [DVD](2003)
S.W.A.T. (UMD For PlayStation Portable)(2003)
S.W.A.T. (Widescreen Version) [DVD](2003)
S.W.A.T. [Blu-ray](2003)
S.W.A.T. [DVD](2003)
Samuel L. Jackson Ultimate Collection [DVD]
School Daze [DVD](1988)
Sea Of Love [DVD](1989)
Sea Of Love [HD-DVD](1989)
Shaft [DVD](2000)
Shaft [VHS](2000)
Snakes On A Plane (Widescreen Version) [DVD](2006)
Snakes On A Plane [DVD](2006)
Sphere (Spanish Subtitled Version) [VHS](1998)
Sphere [DVD](1998)
Spike Lee Collection, The [DVD]
Spike Lee Joint Collection, The [DVD]
Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Widescreen Version) [DVD](1999)
Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace [DVD](1999)
Star Wars: Episode II: Attack Of The Clones (Widescreen Version) [DVD](2002)
Star Wars: Episode II: Attack Of The Clones [DVD](2002)
Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith [CD Soundtrack](2005)
Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith [DVD](2005)
Strictly Business [DVD](1991)
Time To Kill, A [DVD](1996)
Trial Of The Moke, The [DVD](1978)
True Romance (Special Edition) [DVD](1993)
True Romance [DVD](1993)
Twisted (Widescreen Version) [DVD](2004)
Twisted [DVD](2004)
Unbreakable [DVD](2000)
Unchained Memories: Readings From The Slave Narratives [DVD](2002)
Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise And Fall Of Jack Johnson [DVD](2004)
War, The [DVD](2007)
White Sands [DVD](1992)
XXX (Superbit) [DVD](2002)
XXX (UMD For PlayStation Portable)(2002)
XXX (Unrated Director's Cut) [DVD](2002)
XXX (Widescreen Version) [DVD](2002)
XXX [DVD](2002)
XXX: State Of The Union [DVD](2005)
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Content Summary:
• Samuel L. Jackson's Birthday: 21 December 1948
• birthplace of Samuel L. Jackson: Washington, District of Columbia
• linked list of movies and/or tv shows featuring Samuel L. Jackson available for purchase
• brief filmography for Samuel L. Jackson via movie posters
• additional photos of Samuel L. Jackson (when available)
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