Spoiler Points for Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

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Spoiler Points for Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) [R] 86 minutes
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Spoiler Points:

• the initial plot outline is given in the non-spoiler review
• continuing…
• More and more people in Gunnison, CO start turning up dead. The Aliens are spreading. As hard as the Predator tries to kill them all, they are starting to overwhelm even a hunter of his advanced capacity.
• The Predator—code named, "The Wolf" (Ian Whyte) arrives on earth and blows up the Predator ship. He then works around town dissolving the remains of face-huggers, human hosts, and any Aliens he kills with a special blue, bioluminescent, organic acid—even more powerful than the green Alien blood—itself an organic acid.
• Sheriff Morales (John Ortiz) is slow to grasp what he's up against, but eventually he calls in the Colorado National Guard from Colorado Springs—Pueblo is closer but might have not been as easy for non-Coloradoans to understand if he had said, "I've called in the National Guard from Pueblo."
• An Alien shows up at Kelly's house. Kelly(Reiko Aylesworth) has just returned from a tour of duty to her daughter, Molly (Ariel Gade), and husband. Molly is playing with the night vision goggles she's received as a present and spots the Alien in the bushes. She screams. Her parents come running. They fail to believe her, and Molly's dad gets hauled off to be used as a host. Kelly and Molly narrowly escape until they hook up with Dallas (Steven Pasquale) and his brother, Ricky (Johnny Lewis) who are working with Sheriff Morales. They all for a group determined to stay alive.
• The Aliens take over the hospital and other structures in town. Only "The Wolf" has weapons capable of stopping and killing the Aliens, but the humans don't know he's 'sort of' on their side. Only 'sort of' because he will kill anyone that seems to be in the way of his mission.
Don't get too attached to anyone but the principle—they are all alien bait.
Jesse (Kristen Hager) and Ricky (Johnny Lewis) get back together and go to the pool for a swim. Dale (David Paetkau) shows up with his posse to attack Ricky. But, an adult-stage Alien changes everything capturing and killing the only dude who doesn't escape through the locker room window. Ricky is now able to convince Dallas that they need to get out of town.
When the Aliens take over the hospital, one of them implants loads and loads of aliens into this pregnant woman—orally. It's kind of gross. This seems to be the filmmakers explanation for how there can be so many Aliens—though a worse problem might be how fast they metamorph into the adult state.
After the National Guard gets underway, so does the national military as led by the mysterious Col. Stevens (Robert Joy)—There will be no peace, but will be there be Joy this Christmas?
Stevens informs Sheriff Morales that an evacuation will occur in 20 minutes in the center of town. There's something sinister, however, to the maps of blast radii he's looking at when he makes this declaration. As the National Guard rolls into town and "The Wolf" is doing all he can in fighting what is looking more and more like a losing proposition despite his determination and heroic nature, the Guard's personnel transports are quickly overtaken by the Aliens. Kelly and Molly, Dallas and Ricky, Sheriff Morales, and Jesse flee the hardware store with weapons and take one of the empty transports. Kelly suspects, though that the center-of-town pick up point revealed by Stevens is a trap. She suspects the military's first response will be containment, not rescue. She suggests they get out of town ASAP. For some reason, rather than just driving as fast as possible, they think that the hospital's helicopter will serve them better. Meanwhile, Dallas and Sheriff Morales argue about then going to the helicopter or the center of town. They decided to split up. Those that go to the hospital face the largest infestation of Aliens on earth. Those that go to the center of town will face a different and surprisingly worse fate.
After much fighting and fear and using of the Predator's weapon they manage to acquire when the Predator goes down the elevator shaft fighting an Alien, they make it to the roof. Dallas uses himself as bait to lure the Aliens from the group as they board the helicopter. They hope he will make it on board in time. He does, and they fly off just as Col. Stevens orders his planes to drop huge bombs on the town. The town is instantly incinerated killing everyone and everything within the blast radius. The helicopter is sent crashing to the ground, but those inside survive along with the Predator blaster.
• As they leave the copter, they are taken into 'protective' custody by officers of the military.
• The final scene is cool. The Predator weapon is turned over to a woman and a military operative says, "But this isn't for our world, is it Ms. Yutani?"
• Could actually, Kelly, be Kelly Ripley? Could she be the great grandmother of Ellen Ripley? There is a physical resemblance. When it comes to courage and military training, the resemblance goes stronger. Post your comments and thoughts below in our moderated forum.

Predator vs. Alien Lore—the lore behind all this with inside references in many sci-fi shows is vast and can be researched and viewed extensively on Wikipedia and fan sites.


Anonymous said...

I want to know about Yutami. That sounds familiar, like it was in one of the other films...what was the name of The Corporation in the other movies?

Joshua said...

Weyland-Yutani is a fictional corporation in the motion picture Alien and its sequels, often referred to simply as "The Company". It is one of the corporations that runs the human colonies outside the solar system through the Extrasolar Colonization Administration, has a seat in the Interstellar Commerce Commission's Company Review Board, and also has a large presence on Earth.

Weyland-Yutani is consistently portrayed as exhibiting the worst aspects of corporate profiteering, and as being willing to sacrifice decency and human life in the pursuit of profit. In various portrayals of the Aliens' universe, the corporation has its hands in all aspects of space colonization and research. The corporation has consistently ordered its employees and agents to attempt to obtain living Xenomorphs so that they can be exploited as a biological weapon, of course, without regard for their lives.