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actress Teri Garr, born on 11 December 1947 in Lakewood, Ohio a very Happy Birthday! Please feel free to add your own birthday wishes for Teri by adding a comment below.
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Pajama Girl
Bobbie Landers
Sandy Lester
Louise Taylor
Helen Lorenzo
Valerie's Sister
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Full Moon in Blue Water
After Hours

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After Hours [DVD](1985)
Aloha Scooby-Doo! [DVD](2004)
Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker: The Original, Uncut Version (2000) [DVD]
Batman Beyond: Season One [DVD](1999)
Batman Beyond: Season Two [DVD](1999)
Best Of Friends: Season 4, The [DVD](1997)
Black Stallion Returns, The [DVD](1983)
Black Stallion, The [DVD](1979)
Casper Meets Wendy (Family Fun Edition) [DVD](1998)
Changing Habits [DVD](1997)
Changing Habits [VHS](1997)
Chicken Soup For The Soul: Inspirational Stories To Touch The World [DVD](1999)
Clambake [DVD](1967)
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition) [Blu-ray](1977)
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition) [DVD](1977)
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (Two-Disc Set) [DVD](1978)
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind [DVD](1978)
Conversation, The [DVD](1974)
Criminal Instinct: A Colder Kind Of Death [DVD](2001)
Dick [DVD](1999)
Dumb And Dumber [DVD](1994)
Escape Artist, The [DVD](1982)
Felicity: Junior Year DVD Collection [DVD](2000)
Frasier: The Complete Third Season [DVD](1995)
Friends: The Complete First Six Seasons [DVD]
Friends: The Complete Fourth Season [DVD](1997)
Friends: The Complete Third Season [DVD](1996)
Full Moon In Blue Water [DVD](1988)
Head [DVD](1968)
Honky Tonk Freeway [DVD](1981)
Let It Ride [DVD](1989)
Life Without Dick [DVD](2001)
M*A*S*H: Season Two [DVD](1973)
Mel Brooks Collection, The [DVD]
Michael [DVD](1996)
Mom And Dad Save The World [DVD](1992)
Mom And Dad Save The World [VHS](1992)
Mr. Mom [DVD](1983)
Murder Live! [DVD](1997)
Nightscream [DVD](1997)
Nightscream [VHS](1997)
No Money Down [DVD](1997)
Oh, God! [DVD](1977)
Once Upon A Brothers Grimm (1978)/Pinocchio [DVD](1977)
Once Upon A Brothers Grimm [VHS](1978)
One From The Heart [DVD](1982)
Out Cold [DVD](1988)
Pack Of Lies [DVD](1987)
Player, The [DVD](1992)
Searching For Debra Winger [DVD](2002)
Simple Wish, A [DVD](1997)
Star Trek: Assignment: Earth/Spectre Of The Gun [DVD]
Star Trek: Season Two [DVD](1967)
Star Trek: Spectre Of The Gun [VHS]
Sting II, The [DVD](1982)
Swingin' Affair, A [DVD](1963)
Tale Of The Frog Prince (Faerie Tale Theatre), The [DVD](1982)
Taste Of Jupiter, A [DVD](2002)
That Girl: Season One [DVD](1966)
To Catch A King [DVD](1983)
Tootsie (25th Anniversary Edition) [DVD](1982)
Tootsie [DVD](1982)
Viva Las Vegas [DVD](1964)
Waiting For The Light [DVD](1990)
Waiting For The Light [VHS](1990)
Young Frankenstein [DVD](1974)
Young Frankenstein [VHS](1974)
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Content Summary:
• Teri Garr's Birthday: 11 December 1947
• birthplace of Teri Garr: Lakewood, Ohio
• linked list of movies and/or tv shows featuring Teri Garr available for purchase
• brief filmography for Teri Garr via movie posters
• additional photos of Teri Garr (when available)
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