Film Movement - great site for Indie DVDs

Film Movement, LLC

If you've not heard of Film Movement brings the film festival to your home and you are a fan of Indie films, this site is for you. Their mission, according to their web site is, " reach out to film fans directly..." by offering their "...first of its kind DVD subscription service..." through which their "...goal is to make these films more accessible." This is a phenomenal concept that puts Indie films in your hands quickly and conveniently.

Here is one of their current special deals going on...
Give your Valentine the Gift of Film. Save an extra 10% on all orders with code LOVEFILM10. (Valid between 15-Jan-2008 - 01-Mar-2008)

Try them out! Leave feedback on this post letting us know what you thought of your experience with them so we may guide our readers appropriately.

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