I Saw It It In aka isawitin.com

Wow, cool, today movieEVERYday.com was informed about a really cool new web site called "I Saw It In .com" which helps you find the clothing and accessories worn by characters in all the latest films. Did you love the funky hat that J. Timberlake wore in Alpha Dog [read review]? Well, you can find out where to get your own at isawitin.com. Or how about the black dress that Jennifer Garner wore in 13 Going on 30? Same deal. They've got a robust site chock ful o' all the cool and 'in' clothing you've seen in your favorite films. We've been kind of partial to the polo shirt worn by the "Harvard Hottie" aka Chris Evans in The Nanny Diaries [read review].

You too? (click here)

So, check out the site and drop some feedback here about what you think!

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