2nd Anniversary

Today, 12 January 2008, is the second anniversary or birthday of Ironic that it arrived without fanfare and, admittedly, I'd even sort of forgotten it. I had it in my mind that 12 January was still a few days away. I had a wonderful day, very productive followed by an awesome time out on the town with my one and only niece. I was then treated to a nice and thoughtful dinner by my niece's parents who wanted to celebrate the second anniversary of just as they had a year ago when I accomplished going to a movie almost every day for a year. And, in fact, it was on that day that I made the decision not to try to repeat the near feat. Instead, the site would evolve somewhat, but for the sake of sanity and my family, I would no run their lives by my needs to see a movie every day. I had never intended for my choice to try to accomplish the goal to impact their lives so much as well, and I will be eternally grateful for their willingness to not only accept it but to support it. Someday, I will try it again, but not in 2008. mEd has had an awesome year increasing readership by 100 fold. The introduction of many new features to the site has helped make the site more of a complete destination for fans of films, and I still owe so much to my supportive family for all of their suggestions and support.

As I embark on year #3, I realize some important things:
First, you cannot do this well without support from readers, fans, and family. I am indebted to all three.
Second, heading into year three is more of a triumph than it seems. Most blogs last barely a month. Ones that do barely subsist on 1 or 2 posts a week or even month. movieEVERYday has been running now for 730 days and holds 1840 posts (plus this one makes 1841). mEd is visited, on average, by 1,700 people per day viewing an average of 2,300 pages per day. That's a lot of people considering there's no get-rich-quick schemes or adult entertainment here. So, to grow a site organically from nothing into something like this is pretty special and rare.
Third, the blog has taken on a life of its own. I've become a better film critic, but I've also become a better blogger providing more and more what my readers want--spoiler, surely enough, have become among the most visited pages despite my loathing for spoiling. It seems a lot of people want to know more about the plots of films. Allowing the blog to evolve into something more powerful and more useful, not standing in its way has been a challenge, but it has also been fun.
Lastly, there's not a moment to lose in seizing the next steps in branding and growth for movieEVERYday. So, I embark on the next year ready to continue to make better than ever.

P.S. Thanks to R.A.T. V.M.T. and H.A.T. for celebrating with me and being a part of my life. I love you guys! U.M. / U.S. / Mr. T.

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