Spoiler Points for In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2008)

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Spoiler Points for In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2008) [PG-13] 124 minutes
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Spoiler Points:
• Norick (Ron Perlman) pays a visit to his old pseudo son, Farmer (Jason Statham) whose pulling turnips from his fields with his dear little son Zeph (Colin Ford).
• Farmer is teaching his son the trade. Norick delivers a pig as he does annually to exchange for a year's supply of corn when Farmer invites him to dinner.
• Farmer has a lovely wife, Solana (Clair Forlani) who dearly loves her husband and son.
• Farmer was abandoned at a young age in the village to be sort of adopted by them all and raised mostly by Norick.
• Duke Fallow (Matthew Lillard) plotting against his uncle, King Konreid (Burt Reynolds) using a Magus named Gallian (Ray Liotta) who stealing into the bed chambers of the daughter of Konreid's Magus, Merick (John Rhys-Davies), a lovely young woman named Muriella (Leelee Sobieski).
• Gallian stealing power from Muriella, power she seems unaware that she possesses.
• The morning after their fine dinner, Solana and Zeph head off to marked with a wagon full of turnips, while Farmer stays behind to finish picking the crops. Solana and Zeph arrive at the home of Solana's parents just as an army of Krugs commanded by Gallian swarm Farmer's farm and Norick's barn. But, the Krugs don't stop there, they simultaneously attack Solana's family's village, leading to massive chaos and killing. Farmer and Norick fight off the Krugs and rush to the village to save Solana and Zeph. But, sadly they are too late and the Gallian-controlled Krugs are too savage. Solana is captured, her parents and Zeph are murdered, and her brother Bastian (Will Sanderson), Norick, and Farmer barely escape with their lives.
• The King and his army arrive in the village the next day asking for volunteers to join the army to defend the kingdom.
• The Magus Merick recognizes Norick and Farmer.
• Farmer turns his back on the King feeling that he must now lead the charge to rescue Solana and avenge the death of his son. His impudence annoys the King's army Commander Tarish (Brian White), but the King waves off any reprimand.
• The King returns to find Duke Fallow fooling around and reprimands him causing him to ask Gallian to accelerate the plans to take over the kingdom and making him King.
• Bastian, Norick, and Farmer head off in pursuit of the Krugs. They plan to rescue Solana.
• Gallian agrees to accelerate and poisons the King's food which Fallow also eats by mistake. Fortunately, Gallian has an antidote which he administers under the auspices that Fallow remember who's really in charge.
• Bastian, Norick, and Farmer enter a mystical forest protected by special tree-dwellers and end up captured. Their leader, Elore (Kristanna Loken) frees them and escorts them to forest's edge. Here they see the army of the Krugs and attempt to rescue Solana. Unfortunately, they are all captured.
• A Krug captain takes Farmer off to hang, and the others are imprisoned to be taken to Gallian's fortress for forced labor.
• Merick returns just in time to save the King from death. When he awakens, he is informed by Merick and Tarish that Fallow has fled with two legions of the army leaving them only one to defend the Kingdom and implicating himself as the attempted assassin.
• Farmer escapes from the Krug, killing him handily. Gallian is furious for he cannot, for some reason, read Farmer. He knows, therefore, that Farmer is important, he just doesn't know why.
• The King intends to use the remaining legion to fight the Krugs and the defecting legions just as Fallow merges his legions with the Krugs.
• Farmer arrives at their camp, and the Magus Merick informs the king that Farmer is his long-lost son. The King is highly skeptical as is Tarish. They engage in battle with Gallian's Krug army now merged with Fallow's army. The fighting goes on until Fallow eventually hits the King with an arrow. Farmer and Tarish fight valiantly eventually realizing that killing the leaders of the Krug divisions who are on horseback severs their control by Gallian.
• At the end of the battle, the Krugs are all dead, but Fallow manages to hit the King in the chest with an arrow. He is rushed back to his tent. Fallow escapes with his life and a few men and head back to the forest intending to make it back to the castle to assume the throne.
• At the King's side, Farmer notes him uttering an expression he used with his own son, Zeph. This seals their mutual belief that the Magus is correct, Farmer is his long lost son and rightful heir to the throne.
• In Gallian's fortress, Bastian, Norick, and Solana try to escape, but Norick is killed and Solana is taken to Gallian. He immediately reads her as Farmer's wife and notes that she is carrying Farmer's child. He knows that Farmer will attempt a rescue of his wife, so he need do nothing and let his enemy come to him.
• In the forest, Fallow and his fleeing men are captured by Elora's minions just as Muriella approaches now on a mission to prove her worth to her father, Merick. Elora turns Fallow over to her, and she proceeds to meet up with the King's army. As they approach, Tarish releases Fallow and intends to duel with the King's attempted assassin. Just as he is about to behead him, Merick arrives with the news that the king has died. Fallow leaps to his feet assuming he is now king. Unfortunately, the news if followed by the announcement that the rightful King is the long-lost son of the King also known to many as Farmer. The legions declare their loyalty to the new king and Fallow is taken away. King Konreid is given a royal cremation the next day as Farmer must now plan the next step.
• Merick advises that a small party might just be able to get into Gallian's lair and dispatch him in a way that a big army could not. So, Tarish is put in charge of the King's army to defeat the Krugs, while Merick, Muriella, Elora, and Farmer depart on a mission to end Gallian's reign of terror and rescue Solana.
• Elora's minions work with Tarish and the King's army to fight the Krug army on the outskirts of the forest. When Farmer's party arrives at the outskirts of Gallian's fortress, Merick turns to smoke and enters the lair intending to distract him. Elora tosses a rope and then swings vaulting Farmer into a the airshaft entrance to the lair.
• Merick and Gallian battle using magic and magical swords. Despite his great power, Merick falls to Gallian's magic fueled by his madness. The distraction, however, is enough to allow Merick time to gain access to Gallian's main chamber.
• Tarish's army fights fearlessly to defeat the Krug army.
• Muriella feels her father is close to death and turns to smoke herself. She then enters the chamber where he is dying. He admits he didn't realize she, too, was a magus, and transfers his remaining power to her.
• Farmer enters the Gallian's main chamber and finds Solana. He frees her and the two embrace. It is short-lived, however, as Gallian appears eager to fight.
• Farmer challenges Gallian to a sword fight; but, eventually, Gallian cannot stand to fight fair and uses his magic. He ensnares Farmer in a vortex of swirling books and imprisons him on the floor. Before he can succeed in killing Farmer, however, Muriella arrives with her advanced powers and distracts him just long enough for the over-looked Solana, compelled by a mother's vengeance, to drive a sword through his heart. Gallian falls to the floor dead. As he dies, his power ends, the skies clear, the Krugs return to their old ways, and the battle ends. Everyone is free and lives happily ever after.

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