Spoiler Points for One Missed Call (2008)

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Spoiler Points for One Missed Call (2008) [PG-13] 87 minutes
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DVD Release Date: 22 April 2008 (click date to purchase or pre-order)
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The intro to the plot can be found in the non-spoiler.

Spoiler Points:
• After Beth (Shannyn Sossamon) and Jack Andrews (Edward Burns) get together to solve the case, things get better, though more harried for Beth.
• Taylor is the next to get a call. The song on her cell phone and then the message indicate she's next.
• Taylor shares the message with anyone who will listen. One of her friends calls in a reality show host who's helped people exorcise their demons. He, Ted Summers (Ray Wise aka Satan on "The Reaper") brings his crew to help Taylor including noted exorcist, Ray Purvis (Jason Beghe). On live TV, however, Taylor is killed by the ghost. Beth and Jack fail to arrive in time to help.
• They do however begin to put together the clues in the chain of calls that began with a nurse in the hospital ward where a fire killed 27 people. The nurse called Jack's sister, who called Shelley who called Leann who called Brian who called Taylor who then called, yep, finally, Beth.
• Turns out that the nurse was working with Jack's sister in an ongoing investigation into the abuse crimes on a young girl names Laurel Layton (Raegan Lamb). The mother, Marie (Rhoda Griffis) was implicated as the abuser. The fire, however, destroyed everything, and may have killed Marie—no one is sure as no one has seen her since.
• They go to interview Laurel at her foster home, but she's not talking. Her teddy bear, however, does sing a tune—the same tune people's cell phone play before they receive their 'one-missed-call'. Given that Beth has little time to live, she's aggravated and treats the little girl badly.
• Eventually, Beth ends up at the hospital, and Jack figures out that the bear is a Nanny-Cam. Inside the bear he finds a mini-DVD that he plays and reveals that the one responsible for Laurel's injuries was her older sister, Ellie (Sarah Jean Kubik), not the mother Marie. As Beth wanders around the condemned hospital, knowing her time is running out, she gets spooked and attacked and dragged by Ellie's ghost. Turns out that Marie's ghost has been trying to protect Beth from Ellie.
• Beth's deadline comes and goes, but Ellie tries again to kill her at home. This time, however, just as she's about to be killed, Marie's ghost arrives and stops her. Jack Andrews arrives shortly after.
• Jack asks if he can call her tomorrow for a more social outing.
• Beth agrees that tomorrow would be fine.
• As the credits start to roll, there is one more call…so, yeah, there's probably going to be a sequel—like it or not.

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Madison said...

Thank you for posting this. I don't make it to the movies as often as I might like, and I'm too much of a chicken to see this one when the opportunity does arise! It was fun reading about it, though.