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Spoiler Points for Rambo (2008) [R] 93 minutes
WIP™ Scale: $6.00
DVD Release Date: 27 May 2008 (click date to purchase or pre-order)
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Spoiler Points:
• A group of missionaries convince John Rambo to take them upriver from Thailand to Burma aka Myanmar where they hope to deliver medical supplies and aid to the downtrodden people presently being slaughtered by a malevolent military colonel and defended loosely by Kaaren Rebels.
• A skirmish ensues with Burmese pirates on the river that nearly costs them all their lives. Rambo kills the pirates and they escape up river in his boat.
• He drops them off in the care of a Kaaren soldier and guide.
• The arrive at a village, and suddenly find themselves in the middle of a battle with mortar shells blowing up everything in sight.
• The missionaries are captured and taken to an army camp for imprisonment and torture.
• The church pastor arrives with a team of mercenaries hoping to buy Rambo back into leading them to the drop off point.
• At the drop off point, Rambo indicates he want to go along, but the leader of the mercenaries balks calling him "the Boatman".
• Fortunately, Rambo doesn't listen to orders and follows them eventually saving them from death.
• They find the camp, attempt rescue. They succeed in that they escape, but their lead is too short and the colonel and his army catch up and attempt re-capture. Once again Rambo steps up to the plate using a Claymore to take out a sizeable chunk of the forces and then an armored gun turret to do the rest.
• Many of the mercenaries are killed.
• Sarah (Julie Benz) lives as does School Boy (Matthew Marsden).
• At the end of the battle, Michael Burnett (Paul Schulze), leader of the missionaries is still alive and he hugs Sarah. It's not clear as to the status of their relationship, only Rambo's sad yet happy look in his eyes.
• The final scene has John Rambo with his duffle bag over his shoulder checking out the name on a rural mailbox, "R. Rambo" is stenciled on the side. He begins a long walk down the road past the mailbox that runs beneath the closing credits. He reaches the homes at the bottom of the hill / path, but it's unclear if he goes inside or if he's welcomed back home if anyone is ever still around.

Plot Problem
• When Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) fends off the Burmese Pirates who attack his transport full of missionaries, why didn't boats full of other pirates come to investigate? When they pass, they see a few boats and an entire bar full of pirates. When the Rambo dices up the crew, there's nothing quiet about his actions, but no one comes to see what happened. Likewise, when he returns to scavenge the vessel, he finds it loaded with supplies (gas). No one seems to have noticed the crew missing or collected the boat or supplies. When he blows up the boat scavenging it, this also attracts no attention.

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