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Spoiler Points for Untraceable (2008) [R] 100 minutes
WIP™ Scale: $9.75
DVD Release Date: 13 May 2008 (click date to purchase or pre-order)
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Spoiler Points:
• The killer is a young man named Owen Reilly (Joseph Cross).
• Victims Demise: (1) bleeding to death, (2) Local News Reporter - heat lamp burns, (3) Agent Griffin Dowd (Colin Hanks)--sulfuric acid burns, (4) near death of Agent Marsh (Diane Lane)—being dropped head-first onto to an operating home garden soil aerating implement.
• Why Owen's all upset: His father, a chemistry professor at a local junior college, so distraught over his wife's death, committed suicide by shooting himself and then falling off a local bridge smashing onto a car below. The footage of the suicide was caught by a helicopter cameraman, labeled Rush Hour Suicide, and broadcast all over the Internet for people to watch over and over. This so enraged the now doubly distraught Owen, that he decided to seek revenge on the string of people who had something to do with the proliferation of the video beginning with the kid who posted the video on the web and working all the way up to the person most responsible for trying to stop him from exacting his revenge.
• How Owen Does It: He hacks into people's computers and gets all the information he needs to lure them into locations where he can Taser them and then set them up for their demise. The first guy gets lured into a van under the auspice of purchasing Winter Hawk tickets. The news reporter is attracted to buy some model trains. Agent Dowd is lured to meet up with Melanie—a girl he's met via online dating, and he catches Agent Marsh herself by hacking into her car's computer, shutting her down on the same bridge where his father died, and then hiding out in her car. He takes her to her own basement to set her up as, perhaps, his final victim.
• How Own Bites the Dust: Owen makes a few mistakes in setting up Agent Marsh. He takes her to her own basement, a space with which she is going to be familiar. Moreover, when he starts to broadcast, someone is bound to recognize her basement—in this case Detective Eric Box either recognizes it or surmises it instantly. Second, unlike his other victims, which he immobilizes completely: first guy is tied up to a bed frame, second is set waist high into cement, Agend Dowd is duct-taped to a chair in a huge tank of water; Agent Marsh is bound at hands and hung upside down by feet. In other words, if she's got strong stomach muscles and can swing, she can move about freely. Eventually, as she's lowered on a winch closer and closer to the chopping blades, she swings herself over to a support pole. This is step one in her knocking over the camera and eventually Owen, and then getting herself down and free. There's a mild struggle between the two, but she ends up getting a hold of a gun, that he does not remove from her vicinity (another fatal mistake on his part), and shoots him multiple times to prevent him from shoving her into the chopping blades. Her lethal shots occur just as Eric Box arrives to save the day.

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Chris said...

I was actually watching this movie in the theatre this past weekend and the power went out. The theatre offered to allow people to see the movie again if they had their stubs, but this was a lot easier to see how the movie finished up.