Spoiler Points for The Eye (2008)

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Spoiler Points for The Eye (2008) [PG-13] 97 minutes
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Spoiler Points:
• As the story progresses it is clear that Sydney is seeing visions of two things, ghosts and the shadow reapers that come to escort people to their death just before they die. But, she's also seeing visions of a terrible fire and people being killed. In fact, she is also drawn to sites of fires to see what happened before the fire.
• Eventually she figures that she must get to the bottom of who had her cornea's before her. She believes she sees the woman when she looks in the mirror instead of herself.
• Dr. Faulkner violates ethics codes and gets the identity of her organ donor who turns out to be Ana Christina Martinez (Fernanda Romero). She was a young woman from a small town in Mexico. [Why the corneas of an organ donor in Mexico would be shipped up to a concert violinist in Los Angeles is a bit of a mystery assuming there are people in Mexico of equal or greater need. The whole tie to Mexico in the story seemed unnecessary.]
• The two drive there, meet Ana's mother, Rosa (Rachel Ticotin), who just before she drops dead of a heart attack, connects the dots for Sydney. Since she was a child, Ana could see the deaths of people before they happened. This creeped people out. Eventually, they began to blame or for the deaths and called her a witch. One night, there was a huge fire in a ceramics factory. Ana tried to save everyone, but the manager locked her out and sealed everyone's fate. Ana's mother got out alive, but badly burned. The increasing torment on Ana apparently drove her to her suicide.
• But, more than just inheriting Ana's gift with the cornea transplant, Ana wants to give Sydney the opportunity to save people from a terrible fire. So, she projects visions, somehow, into Sydney's mind. As Sydney and Dr. Faulkner are driving back to the USA from Mexico, they are stopped at the border due to some mysterious high-speed chase on the other side. As they wait, Sydney has visions that she eventually realizes are due to an impending explosion and fire that will kill many if she does not get all of the people to evacuate their cars and buses. She sees the shadowy reapers arriving by the droves. She convinces Dr. Faulkner to help her, and they run from bus to car doing everything they can to get the people to evacuate their vehicles. They save a little girl from an RV just in the nick of time as a car speeds across the border and slams into a gasoline truck that then explodes in a fireball that would have killed everyone 20 cars deep had they not gotten out. In the explosion, Sydney's corneas are destroyed again by shattered glass from the back of a car window—probably not because car window glass is specifically designed not to do this, but anyway.
• Sydney realizes that all Ana wanted was for her to be able to save these people and let something really good come from her gift—hopefully, it won't be a case of Final Destination where all those people were supposed to die, have now cheated death, and will have to endure 6 more movies of horrible deaths to make up for it.
• Sydney returns home to Los Angeles to perform to a standing ovation including her new apparent beau, Dr. Faulkner.

Potential Flaws:
• How is her sister so clueless as to think a huge surprise party the day she comes home from her transplant would possibly be a good idea?
• There is an inconsistency to the visions. Why is her bedroom seen changing all the time? What's with the dude in the elevator? What's with the creepy little girl who keeps telling her the world is really beautiful?
• Why does she see ghosts? It makes sense that she sees the people and the reapers, but not the ghosts like the little boy with the report card. What's his story all about anyway? When she won't help him and he runs to jump out the window, why and how does she break the window to peer down below to see that he's not there? Would a person really be able to break an apartment building hallway window with her bare hand? Wouldn't she realize it couldn't have happened? How did he get through the window?
• Cellular memory seems to be the explanation for why Sydney might be seeing Ana's reflection in the mirror instead of her own, but how come she doesn't always see Ana from the start? Or was her vision that blurry that she and we just thought she was seeing herself?
• Wouldn't Dr. Faulkner have been able to do more other than order people to shove her into the car to save Mrs. Martinez when she has her heart attack? Or was he not a medical doctor?
• Why does she have the Chinese restaurant vision? How is Ana able to make that happen or why? That evening, when she flips out, why does she go out walking in potentially dangerous neighborhoods alone at night in the first place?


Anonymous said...

love the website! i am one of those people that do not mind knowing the ending of the movie :) oh and i think that maybe the mexico link was alluding to the illegal organ purchases that are happening in developing countries for the 'richer' people in developed countries. i believe that cnn and nbc recently showed some documentaries about this issue.

Anonymous said...

ahaha yo thanks for this ~ i personally dont like scary movies.. but my gf does so reading this before hand hecka alleviates things x3