Spoiler Points for Get Smart (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Get Smart (2008) [PG-13] 110 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Get Smart (2008)
• Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) is a formerly 300 lb man who's worked his way down to his doctor's sanctioned body weight in hopes of finally passing his field agent test to become a real agent for Control—the top secret intelligence wing of the government set up to battle the rogue agency Chaos during the cold war and falsely long thought to have been decommissioned after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
• While out wandering and contemplating The Chief's (Alan Arkin) decision not to maek him an agent because he's too good an analyst, Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) nearly knocks him down on the street as she's running by. For him, it's love at first sight.
• A leak in intelligence put the identities of all Control agents in the hands of Chaos agents who set about bumping them off all over the world.
• This causes The Chief to need to promote Maxwell to agent, so he and 99 can capture the information and the rogue leader of Chaos Mr. Siegfried (Terence Stamp).
• They travel to various sites in Russia and former Soviet republics to gather information. They kill one bad guy, but Siegfried and his henchman escape, but not before Max learns that "Ode to Joy" is Siegfried's favorite musical piece.
• They follow the trail and end up blowing up a bread factory that Maxwell believes was actually a nuclear arms plant.
• Max is thought to be a traitor to Control and possibly a double agent when Agent 23 goes over and finds no traces of radioactivity at the site.
• Meanwhile, the humiliation brought to Control by Max's mishap, causes the government to want to shut down Control.
• The Chief, Agent 99, and Agent 23 travel to Los Angeles to meet the president to convince him otherwise.
• Max gets a coded dedication on "Top 40 with Ryan Secrest" indicating that the President is the target and that the location is Los Angeles. He uses his ways to escape and get to LA.
• The Chief, 99, and 23 try are let down by the President who doesn't see Chaos as a threat. Shortly thereafter, The Chief and 99 learn the hard truth that 23 is the double agent who leaked information to Chaos.
• Max realizes the bomb is at the Disney Hall Concert and that it will be triggered by the last few notes of "Ode to Joy".
• Max storms the stage and knocks the conductor off his pedestal before the final notes trigger the bomb.
• Max becomes the hero and Agent 99 buys him a dog.
• Lloyd (Nate Torrence) and Bruce (Masi Oka) build an artificial agent, Hymie (Patrick Warburton) that then takes no guff from Larabee (David Koechner) and Agent 91 (Terry Crews).

• There is a cameo by Bill Murray playing a sad and lonely Agent assigned to guard duty in a tree. Also, not very funny!

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