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Spoiler Points for The Incredible Hulk (2008) [PG-13] 114 minutes
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Spoiler Points
• The Incredible Hulk is created by a failed science experiment where by Drs. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) and Betty Ross (Liv Tyler)—also his girlfriend—are hoping to use gamma radiation to energize cells and create any number of cures for all sorts of ailments while not realizing they are working with a secret government serum Betty Ross's father Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross (William Hurt) hopes to have them turn into a super bio weapon that will create soldiers impervious to enemy weapons. The result, however, is a raging beast locked inside of Bruce that can be unleashed due to elevated heart rate.
• Now hiding in Rio and working in a soda pop factory, Bruce trains to control his inner rage using any manner of medication and physical training.
• A cut at the factory, however, releases drops of his blood that eventually end up in a bottle of soda shipped to the USA where they radiate an old man (Stan Lee in cameo) sparking the belief by General Ross that he has found Banner at last. He secures an elite team led by Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) to capture Banner. Unfortunately, Blonsky is woefully unprepared, and the Incredible Hulk escapes eventually winding his way on foot from Rio back to Culver University in Virginia where he "was created".
• There he seeks refuge in trying to find a cure for his affliction using the alias of Mr. Green to an unknown scientist friend code named Mr. Blue aka Dr. Samuel Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson). He needs the original data, and fortunately, Betty Ross saved it on a flash drive (just like the one Pepper Potts uses to steal the data for Tony Stark in Iron Man) to keep it from falling into General Ross's hands.
• There's no way for Banner and Ross to realize that Ross's new boyfriend, Dr. Samson (Ty Burrell) will call General Ross and alert him to Bruce Banner's return setting up a might battle between The Incredible Hulk and the serum-injected Emil Blonsky. To bad for the General's plan, though because the sonic cannons he's brought to subdue the Incredible Hulk are destroyed by the Hulk who's just too smart for Ross's tricks.
• The Hulk saves Betty Ross from certain death when a helicopter gun ship crashes and explodes in her path. The two end up in a cave where she sees the humanity within him.
• They arrive in NYC to meet Mr. Blue, but fail to realize that General Ross orders an all out search for any communication between Mr. Green and Mr. Blue and discovers their plan to meet up. This on the tail of more injections for Blonsky who craves the full power of the Hulk.
• Sterns uses his anti-serum and radiation to deactivate, he thinks for good, the Incredible Hulk inside Banner. Banner and Ross are found and taken into custody by Gen. Ross. Blonsky, however, stays behind, to get Sterns to radiate him. The technique works changing him into the Abomination who starts trashing NYC searching for The Hulk so he can have a real fight and get his payback at last.
• Banner leaps from the helicopter hoping he will return into The Hulk to give Blonsky the fight he wants.
• Fortunately, he does turn into The Hulk again despite Sterns's treatment.
• The Hulk and The Abomination battle it out on the streets of NYC until the Hulk finally prevails but comes short of ending The Abomination's life at the request of Betty Ross for some mercy. He then flees to Canada for solace and to protect the ones he loves from the raging beast inside him.
• The final scene reveals a meeting between a now drunken General Ross and Tony Stark (cameo by Robert Downey, Jr.) who indicates that there's a new team forming, and that he never thought this line of research was a good idea.

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Anonymous said...

i get the feeling these marvel movies are leading up to a marvel orgy with the hulk, spiderman, ironman, shield, fantastic 4, x-men (and maybe even daredevil/elektra, so long as they die in the first scene) having a love fest. if only they could make a marvel vs dc movie. it would totally suck but i'd have to watch it regardless