Spoiler Points for The Love Guru (2008)

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Spoiler Points for The Love Guru (2008) [PG-13] 88 minutes
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Spoiler Points for the ending of The Love Guru (2008)
• The Guru Pitka (Mike Myers) successfully reunites the ailing couple of Darren (Romany Malco) and Prudence (Meagan Good) Roanoke allowing him to bring the Toronto Maple Leafs back from 3 games to none up to a series tied a 3 apiece.
• In game 7, however, Jacques Grande (Justin Timberlake) unleashes his secret weapon, Lillian Roanoke (Telma Hopkins), Darren's mother. He invites her to sing the national anthem at the opening of the game. The moment he sees her, he freezes with fear and then skates off into the locker room. This, just after the Guru Pitka has been released for bringing Darren back and is happily on his way for his first appearance on "Oprah"—a life-long dream.
• The game goes on, and the Leafs are down by one to the Kings.
• The Guru comes back in the nick of time with a couple of elephants to distract Darren who then scores and the Leafs with the Stanley cup.
• The Guru missed his chance to be on Oprah, but he manages to get his chastity belt off and hook up with Jane Bullard (Jessica Alba), owner of the Leafs and fan of the Guru.

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