Spoiler Points for Son of Rambow (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Son of Rambow (2008) [PG-13] 96 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Son of RambowAfter credits: There is no film footage, however there is an audio track of Lee Carter gently informing Will that he misspelled Rambow in the title of their film, "It doesn't have a W."
• Will Proudfoot (Bill Milner) and Lee Carter (Will Poulter) become best friends and blood brothers through the course of making first a stunt film of Will being put through various action scenes and eventually a mini-film based on Will's imagined story of his own daring rescue of his father, Rambo (yes, the Sly Stallone character), as the Son of Rambo.
• Will's mother, Mary (Jessica Hynes), is raising her two children and elderly mother alone as Will's father died of a brain aneurysm while trying to fulfill the obligations of her religious sect, the Brethren. Brother Joshua (Neil Dudgeon) plays the films 'villain' who tries to worm his way into the Proudfoot family desiring Mary as his wife and to lead Will down the 'right' path.
• Lee Carter is being 'raised' by his older brother, Lawrence (Ed Westwick), as his mother and step-father spend most of their time living in Spain. He's a cad playboy living fast and fancy-free treating his brother as his personal cook and lackey, forcing him to dupe Rambo movies for him for extra cash, and being a general carouser.
• Life as they knew it and the great brotherhood they build for Will and Lee would be threatened by the arrival of a busload of French Foreign exchange students, the 'coolest' of whom is a boy named Didier Revol (Jules Sitruk) who steps off the bus in his red mesh shirt, skunk hairdo, and matching red boots. Instantly, he becomes the 'it' boy of the campus, attracting girls in droves and legions of young boys wanting to emulate him. Eventually, though, the wannabe actor Didier learns about Will's and Lee's film and wants to star in it much to the suspicion of Lee who feels that Will is starting to lose interest in their friendship and film aspirations.
• In the climax of the film, Will has created an epic finale utilizing a cast of 1000s (exaggeration of course) and to the exclusion of Lee. When Lee shows up, the cast stones him off the set. When Didier takes control of the Jeep and crashes it launching Will into a pool of oil 3 feet deep and then leaves him for dead, it is Lee who returns to rescue his friend under the auspices of returning for his camera. In the process of rescuing Will, Lee is badly hurt with broken bones and more.
• Will visits him in the hospital, but he's ignored.
• The day he gets to go home, the ambulance makes a surprise stop at the local cinema where the feature film, Yentl, is being preceded by a special feature. He sits down curious, and is instantly pleased to see that Will and Lawrence had finished their film including a very special scene in which Lawrence explains his affection for his younger brother. The two boys leave the cinema best friends again.

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