Spoiler Points for Hancock (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Hancock (2008) [PG-13] 92 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Hancock (2008)

• What's up with the title?
• The hero is called Hancock or John Hancock. Kind of obvious why. He woke up in a hospital with a serious blow to the skull. He remembered nothing of who he was, so, on the way out—he healed in minutes rather miraculously, a nurse asked him for his John Hancock, and he liked the name and kept it. This happened some 80 years ago.

• What are his super powers?
• He can fly, is immortal, is impervious to harm, can regenerate, perhaps conjure up weather patterns, and never ages.

• What's the big 'twist' in the film that's so secret?
• Are you sure you want to know? Positive? Absolutely sure? It's pretty big?
• Turns out that Hancock is what people would call a God, sort of like from the days of Greek mythology. While not totally explained, these Gods were paired and sent to protect this planet. He's been on earth for 1000s of years.

• That's the big twist?
• No, the big twist is that, and are you still sure you want to know it? It's not too late to click off the page.

• Tell me! Please!
• Ok, well, it turns out that Mary Embrey (Charlize Theron) is his paired mate. Only, she's even stronger. Don't tell her current husband Ray (Jason Bateman), he doesn't know—well, he finds out in the movie, but not until late.

• So what was the extent of Mary and John's relationship? And what happened?
• First, they were married and have been for a long time…since forever…actually.
• Second, the mythology of the story is that when the pair are close together too long, they become mortal, lose their powers, age, and can even die. In fact, according to Mary, she and John are the only two left on earth. He's apparently always been more heroic and better at saving life on earth. About 80 years ago, in Miami, the two were jumped and he was badly beaten with a pipe. At the hospital, when he came to, he didn't know who he was or who she was. To protect him into the future, she decided to move away to California. In the present, she's married to Ray and adopted his son Aaron (Jae Head) from Ray's first marriage—his wife died during labor. She's a doting and protective mom who has never shared her secret with her husband—guess he won't notice that she doesn't ever age.

So what happens in the story?
• Well, Hancock is a mess. He saves people, but not without causing $9 million in damage. The city wants him gone.
• He rescues Ray from a train wreck and the two bond.
• Ray offers to help John improve his image.
• Mary pretends she doesn't know him.
• Hancock goes to serve time in jail and turn over a new leaf. He does bad things to people in prison, but eventually he warms up to his group therapy session mates and turns over a new leaf on life. He's called upon by the mayor to rescue a police officer from a hostage situation. He dons the new suit prepared by Ray for his new escapades. He saves the officer and captures the bad guy by cutting off his hand that's holding the trigger bombs attached to the hostages. The dude is really, really, mad and vows revenge.
• As Ray and John bond, and Ray hopes to hype John and make him an icon, eventually, John discovers Mary's powers.
• The two fight it out over letting Ray know and John getting info about who and what he is from Mary. Eventually, she caves and tells him everything.
• Meanwhile, the bank heist dude escapes from prison with a plan to take down Hancock. He sets up a trap for him at a convenience store, but doesn't realize that the Hancock will be so easy to subdue because he's been with Mary all day and is weak. The gunshots he takes at a convenience store hold up land him in the hospital. Mary comes to his side and informs him of how he came to forget who he was and gets shot too by the gang bangers recruited by the lead bank robber who just escaped from prison. Aaron and Ray arrive for the melee that ensues. Both John and Mary end up seeming dead. Ray gets an ax and lops off the bad dude's other hand and then whacks him dead. Hancock leaps from the building through the window realizing Mary's final words to him about being far apart and that restoring their powers. As he gets further away, sure enough, he comes back to full strength as does she.
• A month later, Hancock puts Ray's Helping Heart logo on the moon for all to see.

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