Spoiler Points for Meet Dave (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Meet Dave (2008) [PG] 90 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Meet Dave
• The Movies was supposed to be called Starship Dave. Not sure why they changed it, because Starship Dave is a better name for the film than Meet Dave.
• A civilization of tiny people from the planet Nil have devastated their planet and run nearly completely out of water. Their research reveals a planet with unlimited supplies of water—Earth. They send an orb through space to drain the water. Unfortunately, it lands in Josh (Austin Lynd Myers) Morrison's gold fish bowl instead of the ocean. The starship, built and dressed to look like a standard-sized human being, is launched with a full crew to recover the orb.
• The ship smash lands into rocks on Liberty Island, NY near the last known location of the orb. After extracting the ship from the rocks in the crash landing, the crew gets the ship into human motion—a hilarious sight to behold as Eddie Murphy cleverly looks like a guy who doesn't know exactly how to get his body to work.
• He takes the ferry boat over to Manhattan and begins the search for the orb. Before he gets very far in this crazy city, he's hit head on by Gina Morrison (Elizabeth Banks) who's not paying the best attention to her driving. The ship takes some damage, but power is restored quickly giving the impression he's just come to. Gina insists on taking him home. There he takes the name Dave Ming Chang at her suggestion and that of Google® which the ship's computer and cultural officer No. 2 (Gabrielle Union) reveals to be the most popular name on the planet. Dave notices a photo of a juvenile holding the orb and immediately, the Captain realizes he needs to find the boy. He uses excuses to leave and, now under a 48-hour deadline, the ship's power reserves, heads out on his mission.
• He finds Josh, but the orb has been stolen by a bully. Josh suggests they look for him at various locations. Dave stops a convenience store robbery with his bare hands and becomes Josh's hero. He wants Dave to come home with him for dinner not realizing that his mother had hit Dave earlier in the day with her car.
• Back at the Morrison home, Gina plans to cook dinner for him in thanks for not getting a lawyer.
• Meanwhile, inside the ship, things are starting to get a little crazy. The little Nilians are starting to adopt New York City cultural practices as they are unlike anything they know from their own planet. This does not go over well with No. 2 – Second in Command (Ed Helms) who begins to feel that a mutiny will be necessary to remove the Captain whose lost his sight of the mission.
• Dave leaves and sleeps overnight next to a homeless man in shades of Trading Places. The next morning he sets out to explore and eventually to meet up with Gina and Josh at the street fair where Josh believes the bully will be in possession of the orb.
• At the fair, the bully is found and stripped of the orb, but before it can be used, Dave is arrested by police. A mold of his face was made by officer Dooley (Scott Caan) and circulated. It was only a matter of time before some law enforcement officer would recognize him and turn him in. Once in jail, No. 2 succeeds in his mutiny and removes Dave from command. He uses the ships weapons to escape the jail and while the ship's power reserves are dwindling, he heads by cap to the ferry to Liberty Island.
• Gina and Josh are in hot pursuit not being able to understand what's happening to their friend.
• On Liberty Island, No. 2 tosses the orb into the ocean and it immediately begins to do its thing and drain the ocean. Dave having the entire NYPD on his tail is once again assaulted by the police draining his power reserves. Josh rushes forward with a Taser and jolts him supplying the power necessary for a restart of the ship.
• Now back in command of his ship, the Captain realizes that he cannot do this to the earth. His people must find another way. He stops the orb from its activities and draws it back to the ship. Just before he's set to launch back into space, the police trap the ship in an electrified net. Fortunately, the ship is equipped with an escape pod in the left foot. The crew escapes and blasts off into space in the shoe.

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