Spoiler Points for Death Race (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Death Race (2008) [R] 89 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Death Race

• Will Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) discover who set him up and got him locked up for life in the first place?
•• Why, yes he does. Pretty early on in fact, he figures out that the warden Hennessey's GPS-bracelet-wearing convicts killed his wife. Then he figures out that Hennessey (Joan Allen) framed him for the murder to get him into prison to drive for her as the now dead Frankenstein. He plays right into her hand, and then due to her underestimation of him, she plays right into his. He kills the dude who killed his wife during the second stage of the race during the first lap (before the swords and shields are activated further risking his own life as the other drivers circle around now armed to kill him).

• Who will not survive the Death Race?
•• Only two survive to the final stage: Machine Gun Joe (Tyrese Gibson) and, of course, the ratings monger Frankenstein being played by Jensen Ames. Everyone else including Pachenko (Max Ryan), Travis Colt (Justin Mader), Grimm Reaper (Robert LaSardo), and 14K (Robin Shou) all perish.

• What tricks does Warden Hennessey have up her sleeve?
•• First, she doesn't play fair with the sword and shield icons…you know how you're positive you got that token during Super Mario® but the computer doesn't give it to you? Well, maybe the gamers included a Hennessey in their program to actually cheat you.
•• Second, she really doesn't want Frankenstein or anyone for that matter to ever get out of prison. In fact, it may actually be against the law to actually free these men, but they never have to know that. She keeps them playing and thirsty for their freedom; and, then, just when they get close, she kills them.
•• Third, she's got the navigators on her 'payroll' so to speak. Turns out that Case (Natalie Martinez) has been offered her own freedom if she ensures that elements of Frankenstein's cars don't work such as the defensive measures, etc.
•• Fourth, she's been secretly working on a whole new part of the game. It's called the Dreadnaught and it's a loaded, converted fuel tanker truck now outfitted with every kind of horrifying measure and counter measure you can think of. No car can defend itself against this thing, and it takes out half the racers in under a lap.
•• Finally, to ensure that there's no way that Frankenstein can survive to win his 5th race and his promised freedom, she's planted a remote controlled explosive to the underside of his car—kaboom.

• Does Ames win his freedom?
••What kind of question is that? What kind of movie would it be if he didn't? Of course he does, but how?
••First, he gets Case on his side—well, she thinks he's cute in the first place, so it's not that hard to do.
••Second, he realizes that Coach, Lists, and Gunner really do have his back and he can trust them like no one else.
••Third, he gains a little bit of trust with Machine Gun Joe when he and Joe must fight together to destroy Hennessey's Dreadnaught. They use the course's own tricks against her dreaded super truck. After eliminating all but the final two cars, they each take a side of the truck and barrel forward. As they approach a skull token on the course together feeding the truck into its path, the hidden armament rises up and the truck impales on it blowing up into a million little pieces.
••Fourth, he feels now that it won't be too hard to convince Machine Gun Joe to go along with his race stage 3 plan if and only if he reveals that he is Frankenstein and points out that Hennessey just keeps killing off anyone that ever gets close, and he surely will be next.
••Fifth, he executes the following ingenious plan:
••(a) He has Gunner and Lists outfit his car with an extra half gallon of fuel that the race inspectors won't see as an issue.
••(b) He pays a visit to Machine Gun Joe and convinces him of his plan for their escape, forget winning the race.
••(c) He talks Case into his plan.
••(d) They commence the race and make it look real, but when the time comes, they use Machine Gun Joe's missiles to blow a hole in the course that allows them access to the outside road. They speed along onto the road with Hennessey's cars in hot pursuit. That's when he releases the extra fuel and sets it on fire causing them to crash and explode leaving only Hennessey's helicopters to stop them up.
••(e) But, of course, Hennessey still believes she has the upper hand, she reaches for the remote and pushes the button fully expecting to see Ames's car explode. But, nothing happens. She's furious and launches the helicopters. Joe and Ames split up, Hennessey sends the copters after Ames allowing Joe to escape.
••(f) As the cross the threshold off the bridge and back onto land, what looks to be Case leaps from Frankenstein's car. But, it's not Case, it's Ames. Case is driving the car. She's already been given signed release papers by Hennessy good just as long as he doesn't win the race which he doesn't.
••(g) The helicopters stop and seize Frankenstein.
••(h) Feeling secure that she's gotten Frankenstein back, she welcomes the receipt of a gift from her adoring network congratulating her on the highest ratings ever for her broadcast. She assures her Henchmen, Ulrich (Jason Clarke) she always wins. Just at that moment, Coach (Ian McShane) pushes the remote button and blows her and her office to smithereens.
••(i) Next we see Ames and Joe running a car repair shop in Rosalina, Mexico. Case pulls up in a scary looking car, and Ames introduces her to his daughter.

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