Spoiler Points for Hamlet 2 (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Hamlet 2 (2008) [R] 92 minutes
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DVD Release Date: 23 December 2008 (click date to purchase or pre-order)
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Spoiler Point Questions for Hamlet 2

• Who's the father of Brie Marschz's baby?
• Well, two guesses, and it's not Dana Marschz or Rand Posin? You guessed it, it's Gary! She's been cheating on Dana with the silent stud for a while, and it's actually his baby.

• Is Elizabeth Shue's role worth seeing the movie?
Um, no. She's Elizabeth Shue alright, but then so would anybody else playing him or herself be him or herself.

• What is the climax of the film?
The climax is pretty much the "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" number performed as part of "Hamlet 2".

• Is "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" as controversial as they make it sound?
Oh yes big time. That is until they explain why it shouldn't be. For, you see, the play uses a time machine device to resurrect all the of the Hamlet characters and through some glitch or circumstances, Hamlet encounters Jesus. And then the play tries to answer what Jesus would do if he were to come back as promised and what he would have to do to get anyone to listen to him in this day and age. Oh, ok, got that? So, the idea is to poke fun at people who get all riled up and concerned about blasphemy that actually might not be that blasphemous.

• How does it end?
Well, the ACLU defends the play's right to be performed, and the class of kids that Dana turns around and on to theatre works super hard to find an off-campus location and get it all set up to serve as the theatre and stage. The play goes on as planned over much protest, but many people are really impressed with it. Apparently, according to the scenes during the credits, the original cast is preserved all the way to Broadway.

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