Spoiler Points for Mirrors (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Mirrors (2008) [R] 110 minutes
WIP™ Scale: $8.75
DVD Release Date: 13 January 2009 (click date to purchase or pre-order)
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Spoiler Points for Mirrors (2008)
• A dude running from something, lands in the employee locker room. His reflection in the mirror, quickly dispatched himself by slitting his own throat. Unseen forces execute the deed in his reality and he dies in a pool of blood.
• Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland), a former NYPD officer recovering from the guilt of shooting someone and alcoholism, lands a night job as the watchman for the Mayflower Department Store. The marquee store fell victim to a devastating fire killing 45 people 5 years previously.
• Ben starts to see things reflecting in the mirrors at night that he knows aren't really there. He sees victims of the hotel burning up. The reflections he sees are of people with no counterpart in the real world. He even sees his own face melting off when he looks in the mirror.
• He starts to suspect that there's something haunted about the Mayflower and investigates both the building and its past.
• He receives a package from the dude he replaced, and it turns out it was sent just before the due was killed…yep, the same dude seen at the beginning getting killed in the locker room. In the package are dozens of articles related to the fire which leads him to the discovery that the guy who set the fire in the Mayflower was trying to destroy the mirrors which he claimed had killed his family. The name Esseker keeps coming up for some unknown reason.
• Ben's wife, Amy (Paula Patton) thinks he's losing it and that the meds he's on to cure his alcoholism are to blame, but all that changes when his sister, Angela (Amy Smart) is found dead in her apartment. Her lower jaw has been torn form her skull by forces in the mirror—Ben doesn't know for sure that it’s the forces, but he suspects it.
• He goes to his former home to protect his children, Michael (Cameron Boyce) andDaisy (Erica Gluck), and attempts to cover all the mirrors with paint. His wife tosses him out on his behind claiming he's scaring the kids and her.
• He gets closer and closer to solving the mystery. Eventually, he goes back to the Mayflower and uncovers a room left over from its days as a mental hospital. It's covered in mirrors and seems to have been used as a therapy room of some sort. He begs the mirrors to tell him what they want from him and, after taking many gunshots and spontaneously repairing, something scratches out the name Esseker from inside the mirror. More research reveals that the there was a patient at the mental hospital by the name of Anna Esseker. She was brought in as a young woman with some sort of paranoid schizophrenia. Ben notes that the release date from her hospital stay does not overlap with her long-believed death in the hospital—she and 11 others were supposed tragically killed. He decides to try to track her down.
• His wife calls in a panic because she notices that the reflection of Michael isn't following him and realizes that there is something evil in the mirrors like Ben has been trying to convince her all along. Ben rushes back home and helps secure the home of all mirrors. Then he flees and goes to find Anna Esseker because he knows this is the only way to save his family.
• He tracks down her old address and visits. There he learns from the family that Anna was kept in a cellar apartment made for her to keep her from hurting herself. Doctors of all varieties could cure her. Finally a doctor from the city came and intended to cure her. Then she died. But, Ben didn't believe this and pressed the family. He learned that she returned home, but then something went wrong with the mirrors. She was then put in a convent that had no mirrors.
• Ben drove to the convent. There he finds she's still alive and in seclusion. She tells him that something was in her and it was driven from her in the mirror room at the hospital. The only way to put things right, now, and keep the evil from killing more people will be for her to return to that room.
• Ben drives her back to the city and to the room. Back at his home, Michael has disappeared. All of the faucets have been turned on and the house if flooding. Water can act as a reflective material and the force communicates with Michael via this conduit. He's got a knife and comes after his mother.
• Back at the Mayflower, Anna (Mary Beth Peil) agrees to be strapped into the chair in the mirror room. After a short time, the evil entity leaves the mirror and re-enters her body. It then attempts to kill Ben. He narrowly escapes his own demise as does Michael who is momentarily pulled seeming through the floor by the entity in the reflection of the water. Just as Michael is pulled back into his mother's arms, the Mayflower explodes in flames, and Ben emerges outside into the city streets…only…all of the writing is backwards, and it appears that he's now trapped in the mirror world.

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