Movie Previews Sent to Your Cell? (2008)

Now here's a pretty cool idea. There's a cool service that will send you movie previews to your cell phone. Never heard of it, well we hadn't either so we just had to write about it. That's not all, of course, the company, called has a variety of video types they can send right to your phone. The categories include: LOL Girls, Viral Videos, Web Toonz, Insults, Anime, Hip Hop News, Funny Ads, Movie Girl, and UFC. Now, what we haven't told you yet, because it's really hard to believe is that this company will send you Free Mobile Videos! That's their claim. Of course, you'll want to check out the site and see for yourself, right. Feel free to leave feedback about your experience below--we do not publish dishonest or hurtful feedback so only leave constructive criticism. Any other complaints should be taken to the company themselves as we are only in the service of making you aware that you can get Free Mobile Phone Videos from them.

It does seem very cool to be able to get, especially if you're a big movie fan, and we know you are, those free movie previews and see what you think while standing in line trying to decide what to pick from. Sometimes, nothing is better than a film preview to make up your mind. Well have these Cell Phone Videos sent straight to your mobile phone! What's the point of a cellular phone if you don't use it, right?!

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