Spoiler Points for Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Bangkok Dangerous (2008) [R] 99 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Bangkok Dangerous (2008)
• Joe (Nicolas Cage) arrives in Bangkok with a list of four hits to complete.
• He secures an assistant, Kong (Shahkrit Yamnarm) who will serve as his go-between.
• He carries out the first job, and things don't go as perfectly as planned. He gets scraped up a bit and needs some light medical attention. The local pharmacist, Fon (Charlie Yeung) with her beautiful smile and an antibiotic ointment fixes him right up.
• After the second assassination, Kong has some trouble getting the case of info on the third to Joe. He almost loses the case in an attempted mugging—which seem all too common in Bangkok based on this film, but he recovers it. Unfortunately, the case is open, he's seen the contents, and this agitates Joe. Eventually, Joe comes around and agrees to be Kong's mentor, while he simultaneously starts dating Fon.
• Hit number three is nearly scuttled, but Joe gets the job done in a high speed boat chase through the floating market—that's really the best action scene in the film despite this supposedly being and action thriller.
• The big boss starts to get nervous about not knowing who the assassin is, so he has Kong followed. Kong notices the tail and phones Joe. Joe instructs him to put the phone in the case and toss it in the next crowd of people. The tail man notices this and stops to pick up the case. He take it directly to his boss. Joe calls the cell phone and asks to speak to the boss. He answers and Joe tells him that if he sees his people again, he'll kill his wife.
• Joe is falling for Fon at the same time he's becoming more and more of a father figure for Kong.
• Kong picks up the final case and delivers it to Joe. It contains instructions to assassinate a popular political figure. Joe doesn’t like it, but it's not his job to care. He does, however, ask for more money.
• One evening, he's with Fon and gets mugged from behind. He dispatches to the two muggers, splattering blood on her shoulder. She cannot hear any of this, but she feels the blood. Horrified, she runs off. She refuses to see him any more.
• He sets up the assassination hit, not realizing that the boss is taking out an insurance policy. He's got Kong's girlfriend, Aom (Panward Hemmanee) and is using her to get to Kong. When it comes time to pull the trigger on the fourth hit, Joe hesitates and that hesitation gives the military time to notice his position and start to take overwhelming military action in response. He narrowly escapes with his life. With the job undone, he knows that the boss will be after him, what he does not know is that the boss has Kong and his girlfriend as hostages. When he finds this out, he puts a new plan in motion, a darker, less jovial plan. He blows up his own rented home with many of the boss's men in side. He gets one of them to give up Kong's location. He follows the directions and eventually frees Kong and Aom.
• Still, he's in the crosshairs of the boss and he knows it. So, he goes after the boss before the boss can go after him. Ultimately, he kills the boss too, but in a most depressing and disappointing fashion—with a bullet through both their heads. Hopefully, Kong will carry on the legacy of this brave and bold assassin with a conscience.

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