Spoiler Points for Fireproof (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Fireproof (2008) [PG] 122 minutes
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Spoiler Points for the Ending of Fireproof
• Catherine Holt (Erin Bethea) fails and fails to accept any of her husband Caleb's (Kirk Cameron) gestures of reconciliation on their marriage. Instead, she grows closer and closer to the conniving Dr. Gavin Keller (Perry Revell).
• Caleb is about to give up on the "The Love Dare" altogether, but his father keeps convincing him to keep it up.
• Catherine is so thrilled to learn that Gavin has done the unthinkable and given the money, $24,000 to buy her mom, a recent stroke victim, a new bed and motorized wheel chair. As far as she's concerned, this seals the deal in their impending relationship just as soon as she can get rid of Caleb.
• Caleb is about to leave for work and notices that she's still home in bed. He goes into her room and finds her in bed. He goes out to get her some stuff to make her feel better and she confronts him about "The Love Dare" journal. She asks him what day he's on. He says "43". She says, "I thought it was 40 days." He remarks that he wasn't prepared to give up at 40. She's been crying. But, she's still not prepared to believe he's changed, and there's that matter of the donated bed and chair from the growing more and more amorous Love Doctor.
• She goes to the store where the bed and chair were purchased to buy sheets for the bed. She comments to the store clerk how fortunate she is to have such a guardian angel looking over her in that of Dr. Keller who gave the money. The clerk informs her that Gavin only donated $300 toward the cost. She's confused, "Where'd the rest come from?" "Why your husband," the clerk states. Uh, oh, is right! She's been treating Caleb like crap warmed over, she's been lusting after Gavin, Caleb's been on a 43-day quest to earn back his wife, she's been virtually ignoring him including responding to his roses and card which read, "I love you more", with divorce papers, and he goes and spends his entire life's savings, the money he was saving up to buy his dream boat, on a new hospital bed and chair for her mother. Dang! Ooopsy! So, she rushes home, finds her wedding rings she's not been wearing for more than 43 days, and puts it on.
• Then she heads down to the fire station and gives the lamest please forgive me speech I've ever heard in a love story in my life. If I were Caleb I would have popped in her in the chops and said, "I'm free, why don't you go be with your Gavin, you harpy." But, instead, little Caleb hugs her and the next thing we know, they're at his parents' house and his dad makes a little confession.
• Yep, it turns out that he wrote the "The Love Dare" in his hand writing so that Caleb would accept it, but really, the it was his mom that had done the dare on him. Oh my, and Caleb has been so mean to his mom. And it turns out that his mom saved their marriage and his marriage. So, he hugs her deeply and gives a million times, albeit less vocal apology and thank you to his mom. Kirk Cameron plays this scene so well you'd think he'd done the same thing to his real mother.
• The film ends with Caleb and Catherine reaffirming their covenant with each other now under the eyes of God who is firmly in their lives now.
• The cake is topped with bride and groom dressed salt and pepper shakers due to the analogy that Michael Simmons (Ken Bevel) used to teach Caleb the importance of working to keep a marriage together. (double gulp)


joe45stevens said...

Who is the little girl in the opening scene supposed to be? Is she Caleb's daughter? She opens the movie, but then is completely forgotten for the rest of the movie. Or is she supposed to be Catherine as a young girl? I'm very confused!

Scooter Thompson said...

Hi Joe,

Great question. I'd forgotten I wanted to mention this.

I believe that is Catherin, Caleb's wife when she was a little girl.