Spoiler Points for Forever Strong (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Forever Strong (2008) [PG-13] 112 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Forever Strong
• Richard Penning Sr. (Neal McDonough) is a high school rugby coach in Arizona where his son Rick Jr. (Sean Faris) is a star player.
• Rick Jr. drinks and drives and gets in a wreck—his second—landing his girlfriend, Tammy (Tyler Kain), in the hospital and himself in a juvenile detention center near Salt Lake City.
• There, he's under the care of the lead counselor Marcus (Sean Astin) who immediately put the rules in place. Rick, of course, doesn't like rules and manages to earn the most bathroom cleaning duties of any kid there.
•In the yard, the other guys play touch football, and eventually they ask Rick if he's too good to join in. He declares that he doesn't play football, only rugby.
• Shortly thereafter, he's teaching them the game, which catches Marcus's attention.
• Marcus then moves to get Rick a tryout with the local rugby team called Highland and coached by Larry Gelwix (Gary Cole).
• His friend, Lars (Penn Badgley) sends him a rugby ball filled with Vicodin.
• The team visits the children's cancer ward, which he doesn't participate in and plants flowers which he loathes.
• The coach switches his position before the first game to hook. He's mad. He's a scorer, and this is not what he wants. The team loses and the coach makes them run the stands late into the night. He and Quentin (Nathan West), the captain, fight.
• He plans to quit, but his teammates come to the center to collect him early in the morning for a run. Kurt (Michael J. Pagan) is turning out to be a good friend, if only Rick will let him.
• They play a real Scottish team and win. Rick starts, thank goodness, to fit in.
• They celebrate with a team dinner, but on the way home they stop to help a woman fix her tire. Kurt gets hit and killed by a drunken driver. This really messes up Rick's mind. In the hospital, he goes up to the 6th floor again and see all of the awards and plaques of the Highland Team. As he's searching through, Coach Gelwix joins him and they come across a photo of the first time. Turns out that Rick's dad, Rick Sr. was on that team. Rick Jr. is confused. His dad never told him that he played for Highland.
• This event changes Rick's life. He kicks the drug-filled rugby ball over the center fence. The next day, he gets his first coach's chat with Coach Gelwix in lawn chairs on the sideline during practice. The coach wants to make him a captain. He feels he's not ready, but the coach says other guys on the team think he is. He admits he used Vicodin, and the coach suspends him from the next game, but keeps him on the team and as a captain.
• The team visits Kurt's grave. Rick is in tears most of the time. Coach says, "I want you to be forever strong on the field so you'll be forever strong off."
• Highlands wins the regional championship and a berth at the nationals in Colorado Springs.
• The girl that Rick has been flirting with and bugging Quentin, turns out to be his sister not his girlfriend.
• Marcus writes up good reports that get Rick released and his father comes to pick him up. Rick Jr. is upset. He doesn't want to leave his team and his new family especially his new coach. Rick Sr. is so thrilled because he sees Rick Jr. opening up the Highlands play book for his old team. Rick Jr. tells his father he's not opening up anything. His team is Highland not his former team that he now sees as his father's team. His father doesn't get that he's a changed man.
• But, a talk with mom, softens him up and dad gives Rick the car keys.
• He meets up with his old friends, and they are guzzling beer. They try to get him back on their program, but he refuses. He fights a bit with Lars just as the police show up. Lars plants his drugs in Rick's car. Rick gets arrested for possession and disorderly conduct.
• His dad shows up at the jail disappointed. He doesn't believe his son. Rick Jr. confronts his father about playing for Highland. His dad basically denies it. Rick Jr. stands up against his father.
• Coach Gelwix calls Rick's mom and she investigates. Tammy comes forward with the truth. Rick is released and allowed to go back to be with his team for nationals where he will play against his former team still coached by his own father.
• At nationals, Quentin admits to Rick that he's been buying grades from other kids for years to keep his 4.0 and his parents happy. He then confesses to the coach who takes him out of the game for the rest of nationals.
• Highland goes undefeated to the title game as does Rick's former team. Coach Gelwix asks Rick to find a way to forgive his father.
• Flagstaff finals vs. Highland, before the game, Rick goes over and apologizes to father for not being the son he wanted and forgives his father.
• Lars sets up Rick for a huge hit. Rick's career could be over. His father rushes over and coaches him back up to his feet with a speech about him not turning out like his old man. Rick Sr. takes the kid who issued the hit out of the game.
• With time running out, Rick scores and Highland wins. Rick Sr. comes over and gives him the game ball.

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