Spoiler Points for How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (2008)

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Spoiler Points for How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008) [R] 110 minutes
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Spoiler for the Ending of How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
• Well, the film begins with Sidney Young (Simon Pegg) at the Apollo Awards sitting next to the glamorous new starlet, Sophie Maes (Megan Fox), describing his tux and his expensive watch, and his newly acquired lavish lifestyle. He makes the pronouncement that if she wins the award for Best Actress, she will be sleeping with him—something you don't know then but learn later is the very thing he's been seeking for over a year. No, you don't know any of that. Nor do you know that in order to get to this very auspicious occasion, he had do the one thing he vowed never to do, and that was compromise his core values.
• Because he was willing to sacrifice his beliefs, and semi-sell his soul to the devil, he's worked his way up the corporate food chain impressing only those impressed by such things, and now has this opportunity.
• But as he sits there contemplating the choices he's made, he suddenly realizes this is nothing even close to what he ever really wanted in life despite his childhood fantasies of this being nirvana. As Sophie gets up to claim her trophy, he rushes her and grabs back his mother's ring he had given to her the evening before. He hadn't wanted to, but she was so persuasive. The two create a major scene before a live, world-wide audience, and he prevails in re-acquiring the treasure possession his mother told him to give only to the "right girl".
• He dashes to NYC and heads straight to the La Dolce Vita showing in the park with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. The perfect setting for him to reconnect up with the woman he knows really loves him and he really loves back, Alison Olsen (Kirsten Dunst) from Port Huron, Michigan. She's finished her novel, thanks to his notes, and the two embrace and start to dance to the music. Sidney tosses her book back onto the blanket a little to close to the candle catching it on fire. He leaps to extinguish the flames with his body. Ah, what one wouldn't do for true love.

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