Spoiler Points for Lakeview Terrace (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Lakeview Terrace (2008) [PG-13] 110 minutes
WIP™ Scale: $9.50
DVD Release Date: 27 January 2009 (click date to purchase or pre-order)
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Spoiler for the Ending of Lakeview Terrace
• After confessing, in not so many words, to Chris Mattson (Patrick Wilson) his rage toward Chris and Lisa really stems from the fact that his wife was killed in a head-on collision with another car being driven by a drunken man in the middle of the day. But, it's not the other drive at whom he's really mad. Actually, he's mad because (a) nobody bothered to tell the paramedics that her husband was a cop (which he believes) would have gotten her to the hospital quicker and better care upon arrival, and (b) it turns out she wasn't driving, instead, the home health car worker who was supposed to be caring for an elderly gentleman on the other side of town, was out and about with her "white boss". Chris kind of ignores this whole thing and leaves the confessional bar.
• So distraught by Chris and Lisa's (Kerry Washington) relationship and their continuing flaunting of it in his face, he takes the ultimate step and hires an informant from his assigned district to go to the Mattson's home while he and they are at a neighborhood block party.
• The hoodlum breaks in, trashes their house, and is just about to leave when Lisa shows up unexpectedly. Able tries to phone and warn him of her arrival, but the call occurs too late.
• When Lisa arrives, she doesn't notice the trashed house. Now a few weeks pregnant, she wants to take a soaking bath. But, her plans are derailed when she runs head on with the hoodlum. He grabs her, tries to shut her up, and shoves her around. She manages to set of the burglar alarm which attracts the attention of Chris and Able nearby. They come running.
• They burst into the house, and Able has no choice but to shoot the hoodlum dead. The dude falls into the pool. Chris goes to find Lisa, and Abel goes to find the cell phone that will implicate him in the mess.
• Chris finds her on the floor next to the bed unconscious and gets her into an ambulance.
• Abel cannot find the phone and the cops arrive to secure the scene.
• Lisa wakes up in the hospital to find Chris. He's so happy she's ok and the baby is ok. Even though he didn't want the baby now, he's realized how much she and baby mean to him. Abel goes over to their house to find the phone as the fires burning in LA County grow nearer. But, he has no luck as the Mattsons arrive home. Their neighborhood is being evacuated, so they plan to go and get some stuff and get to a hotel.
• While in the house, Chris wants to go and thank Abel, whom he sees is out soaking him home in water to make it more fire resistant, for saving Lisa's life and shooting the trespassing hoodlum. Abel rebuffs his thanks. Chris goes back inside, and the two hurry to gather their important belongings. In the process, Chris comes across the missing cell phone and calls the last number called.
• When Abel answers, there gazes fix through the upstairs bedroom window. Chris now knows that Abel was behind the faux break-in and set the whole thing up. He finds his gun and he and Lisa try to get out of the house, but Able is too quick. Able and Chris tussle, and Lisa runs for the car. Able knocks Chris down and goes after Lisa. He his the car several times causing her to crash and come to a stand still. Chris runs out with the gun and tells Able to stay back. He runs to the car and tries to pull Lisa free. Sheriff's dept. officers arrive at the scene brought on by all the ruckus. They tell Able and Chris to freeze. Chris shouts that Abel's got a gun behind his back, and Abel clarifies that he's LAPD and his neighbor is unstable. Chris won't back down. Able shoots Chris in the chest, and the Sheriffs shoot Abel dead in the street. The paramedics take Chris inside the ambulance, and Lisa asks him how he's doing.

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