Spoiler Points for My Best Friend's Girl (2008)

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Spoiler Points for My Best Friend's Girl (2008) [R] 101 minutes
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Spoiler for the ending of My Best Friend's Girl
• Dustin (Jason Biggs) hires his cousin Tank real name Sherman (Dane Cook) to get his girlfriend, Alexis (Kate Hudson) back after she tells him "You're Mr. Right, just not Mr. Right Now" by dating her, becoming a pig, and making her realize she made a huge mistake.
• Of course, Tank, who's been doing this for a living for years, doesn't know that he's going to actually fall in love with Alexis, but he does. And, of course, she falls in love with him too. But, a conversation with his mis-guided father, a women's studies professor who's a closet womanizer, makes him wonder if he's right for Alexis. So, at her sister's wedding, he decides to end their relationship and push her back into Dustin's arms. He conducts every despicable act of wedding disgrace one could imagine including propositioning the mother of the bride and tossing his cookies during the bride and groom's first dance.
• But that's not all, Dustin shows up at the wedding determined to get Alexis back and spills the beans on Tank's operation—including by some coincidence, that he pulled his scheme on Alexis's sister—ouch. Tank's world implodes, and eventually he and Dustin come to realize that actually, Tank and Alexis were in love. Big step for him! And they work to get Alexis back. She plays hard to get for about two hours and then, sure enough, she caves. Despite all the junk he pulled, she falls for the line "I hate cardio, but I'd run a marathon for you." (gulp) And, poor Dustin ends up with Alexis's former roommate. What do they have in common? She has purse full of feminine pleasure aids and he has a milk crate full of porn videos. Sounds like the making of a lasting relationship.

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