Spoiler Points for Righteous Kill (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Righteous Kill (2008) [R] 101 minutes
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Spoiler Points for the Ending of Righteous Kill
• The trick to the film is the black and white recording of Robert De Niro's character, Turk, and his voice over which appears to be an interior monologue of his confessional. Therefore, you are led to believe the entire film that he is the cop-poet serial killer. Moreover, the junior detectives, Riley (Donnie Wahlberg) and Perez (John Leguizamo) further lead the deception as these two characters are sure the killer is Turk. In the end, however, the killer turns out to be Al Pacino's character, Rooster. The video we see, the voice over presumed to be the interior monologue of a guilt-ridden conscience turns out to be a real video and real voice over made by Turk at the request of his partner who wants his confessional read by his partner on a hidden camera for the police to view after he's gone. What?
• Ok, so, here's what happens…Turk and Rooster have been partners for 20 years. Turk gets so furious that a child rapist is not put away by a jury, he plants a murder weapon in his apartment and gets the guy sent away for life. This is a true turning point then in the relationship between Turk and the law and Turk and his partner. For, apparently unbeknownst to Turk, Rooster has idolized him from afar for years. He has strived to be as good a cop as Turk. So, when Turk falls off the pedestal, well, so does Rooster, and he begins to take justice into his own hands. He plans a list of people to kill, pretty much any bad guy they cannot seem to catch or put away, and some others like his childhood priest who thought he was a pretty sweet little altar boy, and so on. If you listen to the video and know the names of the characters, not their nick names of Turk and Rooster, you'll notice that De Niro's character is actually using his partner's name in the video when confessing to the crimes. In the end, Rooster confesses to Turk, he explains it all, and then asks to be allowed to just disappear. But, he knows Turk won't allow that, he knows that Turk will want to hold him accountable for his crimes—even if what he did really served justice. So, he runs and eventually Turk shoots him and lets him die in peace. Rooster's house of cards starts to fall apart when he shoots a Russian mobster who bugs Turk, but the guy lives and will be able to identify him. As a final act of betrayal, Rooster goes over to Turk's girlfriend's home and beats her senseless.

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