RocknRolla Premiere Photos - Toronto - London

The premiere of RocknRolla was held at the Elgin Theatre during the 33rd Annual Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, ON on 4 September 2008. The British premiere was held at the Odeon West End in London, England on 1 September 2008.

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Photos from the Events:

Celebrities Present in the Photos:
Nicki Micheaux • Thandie Newton • Nicki Micheaux • Shawn Robinson • Toby Kebbell • Idris Elba • Joel Silver • Chris Ludacris Bridges • Gerard Butler • Jeremy Piven & Guy Richie • Guy Ritchie & Madonna • Guy Ritchie • Jeremy Piven & Chris Ludacris Bridges • Jeremy Piven • Chris Ludacris Bridges & Gerard Butler • 

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