Spoiler Points for Blindness (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Blindness (2008) [R] 120 minutes
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Spoiler Points for the Ending of Blindness (2008)
• As the King of Ward 3 (Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal) begins to deman women in exchange for food, The Doctor's Wife (Julianne Moore) has had enough of him. As the only still-sighted person in the facility, she feels compelled to do away with him. So, on an evening that's not their evening, she sneaks down and stabs him in the throat with a pair of scissors. She says from now on one member of Ward 3 will die every day the rest of the wards don't get food. He dies, and the members of her own ward are so perturbed by this act of brutality—they're apparently less offended by having to send their women in exchange for food, but anyway—they feel they should find out who did it and offer the person up in exchange for more of the stock-piled food. As the discussion persists, however, one woman gets even more fed up and sneaks down and sets the Ward 3 on fire. This kills everyone in Ward 3 and eventually the entire facility on fire. Wards 1 and 2 are able to escape into the courtyard. After calling for the guards for some time and getting no response, The Doctor's Wife concludes they are gone. She opens the fence and then the gate and discovers they are free.
• The Doctor's Wife leads the Doctor(Mark Ruffalo) and their closest friends out into the outside city which has fallen into ruin. There are blind people running around everywhere trying to find food and shelter and their families.
• The find an abandoned bakery shop and claim it for the day. The Woman with the Dark Glasses (Alice Braga), the Man with the Black Eye Patch (Danny Glover), the First Blind Man (Yusuke Iseya) and his wife, and the Boy (Mitchell Nye) all stay behind in the bakery while the Doctor and his wife go out to look for food. They find a grocery store, and she goes inside. He waits outside as she feels he will slow her down. Once inside, she finds dozens of people scavenging for food. She locates the stairs down to the storeroom and proceeds down. There's not a drop of light to see by, so she searches around until she finds some matches. She lights one and illuminates stores and stores of food. She starts filling up shopping bags with as much as she can carry. Then she climbs the stairs to exit. But, as she's moving through the store of people, they notice her and notice she's carrying something. They start to swarm her to grab the food. Sensing trouble, the Doctor runs in and tries to aid his wife. They both break free with the bags mostly intact. It starts to rain, and people everywhere are disrobing and bathing in the streets as well as collecting the water to drink. It's obvious there are no city services. They return to the shop and eat.
• The next day, they go to the Doctor's house and settle in. They find it virtually unchanged from when they left. They have a nice meal, they share stories, and the decide they want to remain a family.
• The next morning, as the Doctor's Wife is preparing breakfast, they ask her what they should do next. She says she's worried about food and security and feels they should work on those today. But, before she gets too far in her thinking, The First Blind Man starts shouting that he can see again. It's not clear what has restored is his vision, if it was something in the food, or the air, or just the time.
• That's how it ends. You are left to decide if you think everyone else gets their vision back, and how society might be rebuilt.

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