Spoiler Points for City of Ember (2008)

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Spoiler Points for City of Ember (2008) [PG] 95 minutes
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Spoiler Points for the Ending of City of Ember

Halfway through City of Ember, a rock w/ a note tied around it fell from the ceiling & hit you in the knee. The note said, "Egress immediately through door marked with green 'EXIT' sign". You comply, forgetting that you are now locked out. By the time you climb the stairs to the main entrance, you've missed the ending. This spoiler is for you!

• Lina Mayfleet (Saoirse Ronan) discovers the long, lost box of the Mayor handed down over the generations until it was lost in the transition between the 7th and 8th Mayors of Ember (of which the 7th was Lina's ancestor). The 200-year box is now long open with the main paper map partially digested by Lina's baby sister Poppy (Catherine Quinn and Amy Quinn). She shares the contents with Doon Harrow (Harry Treadaway) and others. They put clues together and figure out the map is left by the Builders to help them all get out of Ember when the time is right.
• They discover that the Mayor (Bill Murray) is stockpiling rations in a secret room off the map in the Pipeworks. Lina shares this info with someone at the Mayor's office she thinks she can trust and ends up finding herself in front of the mayor with her accusations afoot. He sees she's carrying an interest cobs and wants a look. She won't give it up, instead she runs and rips the medallion off his chain. It looks a lot like a plastic card with a slot that was in the box only his is grey and worn. She and Doon and Poppy then proceed to follow the map to escape as they are now wanted by the Mayor's police.
• The figure out that the two cards interlock and then Doon realizes the keys are showing off the symbol of the generator. The go to the power room, and Lina realizes the circular map of instructions overlaps with a medallion on the floor. They decipher more of the messages and realize that there's something behind the Pipeworks worker's lockers. Locker number 17 in particular. They pull on it and then turn a large wheel that starts a contraption. Boats start coming out upright, one by one, through tracks in the floor. A wall on the opposite side opens and they follow the boats to a point where they are then launched down a sluice into the river. Giant water wheels are turning, and the boat is crushed. The water is simply too low.
• Lina suggests they follow the instructions exactly instead of jumping ahead, and it's clear they need to do something more. They figure out they must get to the control room, and Doon figures out the two cards interlocked with make a key to open the control room. They climb up and enter the control room and follow the directions for the settings. The key card must be inserted here as well to turn on the systems. When they do this, the water wheels turn the opposite way and the river starts to rise, but then one of the wheels gets stuck.
• Doon rushes down to get it working again and finds that his mentor, Sul (Martin Landau) is already on the job. It takes the special tool that Doon's father gave him for his birthday to get the wheel to work. As the system starts to buckle and water starts to pop out everywhere including from the Ember Square fountain, Doon and Lina realize now is the time to get out. They grab Poppy and hop in a boat. They launch into the river and a big wave carries them over the water wheel and out and down like a log flume ride.
• Eventually they end up docking at a little pier designed to accommodate the boats. They get out and start climbing up the stairs following the signs. Eventually the reach the outside, but it is dark. They don't realize they are anywhere until the sun rises the next morning. It's a glorious sight to behold.
• They write a message on how to egress from Ember and wrap it around a rock and toss it down a long shaft that they can see connects to their city. Eventually, it is found by Doon's father (Tim Robbins), and the film then ends.

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