Spoiler Points for Ghost Town (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Ghost Town (2008) [PG-13] 102 minutes
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Spoiler Points for the Ending of Ghost Town (2008)

If, upon your entrance to the theatre, people started inexplicably sneezing, and then a person sat right on top of you, well, and you ran from the theatre thinking that...well...you might be ghost yourself, so you missed the middle and / or ending to Ghost Town, then this spoiler's for you!

• Bertram Pincus, D.D.S. (Ricky Gervais) successfully plants enough doubt in Gwen Herlihy's (Téa Leoni) mind that she decides to break up with Richard (Billy Campbell). Unfortunately, this does not release Frank Herlihy, her now dead husband, from his earthly ties. He's still a lost spirit that only Bertram can see.
• Gwen accepts the museum's offer to go to Egypt for 6 months and work on an exciting archeological dig. Just before she is about to leave, Bertram sees her one last time to present her with a gift of a key chain—hers had broken earlier in his presence. As he babbles on and on, though he says things that make it clear to her that he's, well, in the know about her in ways he shouldn't be. Finally, he confesses that he can see her dead Frank, and he's the one who's told him all about her. She doesn't believe him, and when Frank lies about his childhood nightmare, she tosses him back his gift and vows never to want to see him again. He's heartbroken. Frank explains he lied because she'd already been hurt by one self-centered, louse, he wasn't about to see it happen to her again.
• Bertram is genuinely hurt by the loss of Gwen, and starts to devolve into his old ways. He seeks the assistance of his colleague, Dr. Prashar (Aasif Mandvi) to get access to a prescription for something to kill his pain and make him forget this whole affair. But, Prashar doesn't help him that way, instead, he lays his personality on the line. Bertram then realizes he must help the ghosts that have been hounding him for a month. Systematically, he goes through them one-by-one helping solve the problems that are holding each back and they then vanish in a flash of light. In the process, he gets his humanity back, and he also realizes what's holding Frank. It's not the ghosts that are stuck, it's the people that loved them. Once the people are free, then the ghost can move on as well. For Frank to leave, Gwen has got to let go of him and the anger she harbors.
• Realizing this, he runs to the museum for her mummy opening and once again badly handles the interaction. He tries to convince her and Frank of what needs to be done, but he's unsuccessful. Out in front of the museum, confused, he too gets hit by a bus. As he's watching his body standing ghost-like with Frank, Gwen runs to the body and Richard appears to do the CPR. Gwen's crying, and Frank realizes she's over him. So, he tells Bertram his real childhood nightmare, and then disappears in a flash.
• Bertram wakes up in the hospital and is eventually released.
• He returns to work assuming that Gwen is in Egypt, but out of the blue, she shows up at the office. She's happy to see him and lets him know she came by the hospital many times, but they wouldn't let her see him. He's knows and is grateful. He then tells her Frank's real nightmare. She's so relieved. He convinces her that he can take care of her molar problem, and the two seem to be set on a path for success.

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