Spoiler Points for Max Payne (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Max Payne (2008) [PG-13] 100 minutes
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Spoiler Points of Max Payne (2008)

If halfway through Max Payne you got pulled away from your seat by a Valkyrie and missed the last half of the movie or you didn't know that there was something after the credits you might have liked to have seen, this spoiler's for you!

Scene after the credits for those who didn't stay to see it:
Max Payne and Mona Sax are in a bar. She shows him a newspaper story about Aesir stock soaring with a photo of Nicole Horne. They look at each other as if they both suddenly know their next mission.

Plot Spoiler Points and the Ending:
• Max (Mark Walberg) finds the evidence in the desk of his former partner Alex (Donal Logue) which indicates that he had found a link between Natasha's murder and Payne's Wife's murder. The tattoo on Natasha's (Olga Kurylenko) arm matches one on the arm of an assailant found dead at the scene of Max's wife's murder.
• Max and Natasha's sister, Mona Sax(Mila Kunis) then work together to get to the bottom of the mess.
• As they seek out the meaning of the tattoo, they discover that the wingsare symbols of the Valkyries, the fabled angles of the battlefield.
• Eventually, Max realizes that something to do with wife's work ledto her death. He goes to the office of Aesir Pharmaceuticals Tower and throttles Jason Colvin (ChrisO'Donnell) until he spills the beans.
• Aesir Pharmaceuticals had been hired by the military to develop a formula that would take away fear and hesitation. When actually put to the test some soldiers became invincible, but most also became horribly addicted to the blue elixir. Violent rage was common and the soldiers even killed the scientists for a single dose.
• But Max doesn't realize that what's really going on is that his virtual god father, BB Hensley (Beau Bridges) is the real bad guy. He's the guy who actually killed his wife and many others. He turned bad when he saw the profit that could be made by making the elixir called Valkyr available to everyone on the street.
• So, he and his henchman capture Max and are intent on tossing him in the frozen Hudson river. But Max escapes and dives in. They assume he's dead in the icy rush, but he manages to escape due to taking the Valkyr and live again. He then takes down the organization, at least, the Beau part.

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