Spoiler Points for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008) [PG-13] 90 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
• First off, it's Norah (Kat Dennings), not Nick (Michael Cera) in the film that asks the other to be his boyfriend for 5 minutes. This so she won't look bad in front of Tris and also not realizing that he is Tris's Nick.
• Nick's gay boy bandmates: Thom (Aaron Yoo) and Dev (Rafi Gavron) [and Dev's new boyfriend, "the beefy guy named Lethario (Jonathan B. Wright)] fall in love with Norah and do anything they can to hook the two up. So, they agree to take the drunken Caroline home so that Nick and Norah can have some alone time trying to find "Where's Fluffy"—they're favorite band.
• Unfortunately, along the way, the drunken Caroline gets out of the band van and wanders away. They search for her but cannot find her.
• They decide she's probably gone to find the band herself so if they go there, they'll find her.
• Meanwhile, Norah finds a clue in a club bathroom to where "Where's Fluffy" will be playing. The drive straight there and guess what, it's not them. But, Norah's ex boyfriend with benefits, Tal (Jay Baruchel) is there and he wants her bad. She and Nick leave. They learn from the guys that Caroline's missing and the race to find her. They end up getting very close to finding her at the train station, but Caroline drops her cell phone in the toiled just filled with her own vomit, from which she fishes out her gum and re-chews it and the phone which works, but she cannot figure out where she is.
• She ends up at an all-male Christmas review, where they find her based on her talking about how she's found Jesus.
• Tris has been following them around, jealous that Nick's moved on, and get's Gary to leave her at Nick's Yugo.
• All back in the van, they drive Nick back to his Yugo. Tris is sitting on top all sultry. Nick's not thrilled to see her, but agrees to drive her home. The guys will take Norah and Caroline home. On the way,…
• …Norah keeps Caroline calm, holds her gum for her, and eventually just goes ahead and chews it. Then she gets a call from Tal to come see him. She leaves Caroline in the boys care again—she'll never learn, and heads off to see Tal. When she hooks up with Tal, turns out he's really only interested in getting her to give her father, a rich and famous music producert, his new CD demo. She's so irritated, she leaves.
• … Nick doesn't get too far before Tris starts putting the moves on him. He's confused because she dumped him. Eventually they pull over and she kissed the windshield and starts to strip to the lights of the headlamps. He starts to realize that the only person he can think about right now is Norah. So, he pulls away, and runs the windshield wipers to wipe her lipstick off his car. But, he doesn't know where Norah is. Fortunately, he had earlier given her his sweatshirt that had his cell phone in it. So, he calls himself and finds she's at a diner. He goes there and they have a bite to eat. He tries to get his hands on that gum, but she keeps it for herself.
• She wants to take him somewhere special, so he lets her drive his car. She drives all crazy and crashes into a fire hydrant right in front of her father's music studio. They go in, and she reveals to him that's she the daughter of the producers. He's in love with the place and he thinks with her. She knows their love is real, however when she urges him to go into the sound studio to cut a track with her. She mentions the Jewish concept of tikkun olam to him which is the notion that the world is fractured and the job of humans is to re-assemble the pieces. He suggests that maybe we are the pieces. The two go to jump on top of each other on the couch and fulfill a night's long passion. He ends up getting her gum after all. But before much could happen, they get wind of a clue as to where Where's Fluffy is playing. They leap up to go find Fluffy. In the van, they get the clue over the radio and Caroline figure out where they have to go. They all rush to the location only to find that the band has already played, but they are all together again.

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