Spoiler Points for Quarantine (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Quarantine (2008) [R] 89 minutes
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Spoiler Points for the Ending to Quarantine (2008)

If you were just sitting there not munching your popcorn because you were grossed out by the munching going on on screen, and you looked to your seat mate and noticed: constant tears, foaming at the mouth, and a weird grin causing you to buck out of there like John McCain from an Obama debate causing you to miss the ending, this spoiler's for you!

• The CDC eventually sends in two hazmat-suited personnel into the quarantined apartment house. They are quickly taken to see the two people who've been bitten (one fire fighter and one police officer). A drill is used to recover a brain tissue sample from the fire fighter. Before much can be learned, the victims of the bites attack one of the suited men, the other barely escapes the room. He then confesses what's been going on. A dog, named Max, was brought into a vet and shortly thereafter all the chaos began. The dog flipped out, bit the other animals, who then within hours exhibited the same violent symptoms. The collar led the authorities to the building and necessitated the quarantine of everyone inside—which turned out to be a good thing since the rabies-like virus seems to have infected nearly every one in the building.
• Eventually, pretty much only two remain alive, news reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and camera operator Scott Percival (Steve Harris). They make it to the attic. At one point, when the fire fighter, Jake (Jay Hernandez) is trying to ascertain how many people are missing from the building and does an inventory of sorts, the building manager, Yuri Ivanov (Rade Serbedzija) indicates that the attic was rented by that he hadn't seen the resident in months. [Which is a little odd isn't it? Was the guy still paying? If you hadn't seen a resident in months, would you check out the apartment?]
• The attic is like the darkest place on earth, but Angela and Scott hope for sanctuary doesn't materialize. The attic is filled with small animal cages and all kinds of biological research equipment. In one area there's a semi-shrine of newspaper clippings related to viral outbreaks and biological weapons. As they continue to search around, unfortunately, using just the camera's night vision, Scott spots the resident of the unit who's been turned into a cannibalistic zombie type just like every other person exposed to what appears to be either his accidental or intentional creation. It's clear that the being cannot see them, but eventually as would have to be the case in this particular film, they are discovered. Scott is attacked and killed. The camera falls to the floor facing the victim as he becomes a late night snack. Angela crawls to find the camera so that she might see for the first time. Just as she turns it toward her she is pulled away from behind across the floor (just like in the trailer) and the credits roll.

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