Spoiler Points for The Secret Life of Bees (2008)

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Spoiler Points for The Secret Life of Bees (2008) [PG-13] 110 minutes
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Spoiler Points for the film version of The Secret Life of Bees

If all of the sudden you: (a) got an inexplicable craving for honey, (b) spotted a swarm of bees near the entrance, or (c) got scared by Jennifer Hudson's hair, and ran expeditiously from the theatre never to return hence missing the rest of The Secret Life of Bees, then this spoiler is for you!
• After arriving at the Boatwright home, Lily (Dakota Fanning) and Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson) settle in. August (Queen Latifah) teached Lily bee etiquette and Rosaleen helps out on the kitchen.
• Lily asks about May's (Sophie Okonedo) rock wall and August explains that May built it on the pattern of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. She writes her prayers on a slips of papers and slides them in to her wall. This helps her to cope with the loss of her twin sister, April.
• Lily meets Zachary Taylor (Tristan Wilds) in the honey house, and they become friends.
• Lily asks about the negro Madonna on the jar label, and August agrees to tell the story behind it. Everyone is invited to the parlor to hear the tale and see the statue of the wooden woman. Touching her heart brings the strength and insight of all women. Lily goes up to touch it and faints. In her mind she has a flashback about her mother's death.
• Lily recovers under the care of August. August knows there's something she's not telling her, but she lets her be.
• Lily and Zach go to collect honey and find some purple honey created by bees drinking the purple nectar of the elderberry.
• Neil (Nate Parker) hassles June about them getting married. She refuses his hand again. He calls her selfish and leaves.
• August and Lily gather honey. They hear humming in the hive. August explains that's the sound of 100,000 bees fanning their wings to cool the hive. She says there's much going on in the secret life of bees [hence the title]. They hear screaming, and rush to find out what's going on. Rosaleen and May are playing in the sprinkler. June comes out and demands quiet while she's practicing her music. Lily sprays her with the hose. At first, June is furious, but eventually she comes to see the humor in the situation. They all have a big laugh.
• Lily asks May if she knows a Debra Owens. May says of course she used to live in the honey house.
• Lily and Zach deliver honey to a lawyer and he gives her a journal to write in. She confesses to him that she has ulterior motives for coming to the Boatwright home. She worries now that telling the truth will wreck everything. They go to the movies, and half way through, Zach is kidnapped by some angry white men.
• A search party is rounded up. August and June decide it's best if May doesn't find out, but Zach's mother who has come to pray at the wooden Madonna tells her. May is so upset that they didn't tell her. She goes into shock but claims to be ok. She then is next found drowned in the pond. Everyone goes into mourning, but they cheer up slightly when Zach is returned the next morning. He's been roughed up but he's alive.
• August finds May's suicide note in the wall. She just couldn't handle all this stuff.
• They have a lovely funeral and wake for her.
• The sister's agree that Rosaleen's name should now be July.
• Rosaleen moves into May's old room.
• Lily packs to leave. She blames herself for Zach being kidnapped and May's death.
• She shows August the picture of her mother, and August says she's always known that she was Debra's daughter. She explains that, at one point, she was Debra's nanny.
• August explains that Debra got married to T. Ray because she was pregnant, and that Debra loved Lily with all her heart. But, as Lily grew older, there became more and more trouble between Debra and T. Ray. Eventually, Debra left to visit August leaving Lily behind.
• Lily flips out and throws jars of honey at the wall in the Honey House. She feels that her mother never loved her.
• T. Ray figures out where Lily went and heads out to collect her.
• August brings in a box of Debra's things for Lily. There's a hair brush, a whale pin, a pocket mirror, and a framed photo of Debra and Lily.
• Zach and Lily meet on May's wall and share their first kiss. He gives her his dog tags.
• Rosaleen returns from having voted. Lily says she loves her.
• Neil arrives at June's request and she asks him to ask her one more time. So he does and she says "Yes".
• T. Ray arrives at the home. Lily invites him in. She tells him that Rosaleen took off long ago. He sees the whale pin and demands to know how she got that. He had given it to Debra on his 22nd birthday. T. Ray wants to talk Lily back home with him, but Lily wants to stay with August. August says she'll always have a home in her home. He eventually leaves furious and says, "Good riddens" as he departs.
• She goes after him and he admits that her mother did come back for her. He lied because he was so upset that she didn't return for him.
• Lily finishes up her journal and puts it in the wall.

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