Spoiler Points for Sex Drive (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Sex Drive (2008) [R] 109 minutes
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Spoiler for the Ending to Sex Drive

Three quarters of the way through Sex Drive, you received a text from some alias named Ms Tasty urging you to meet her in 1 hour at Big Boy. What to do, what to do? Bro, there's nothing to do but answer the call. So what if it cost you $20 & Nachos Grande to get in. Here's a spoiler for what you missed. Just please tell us it was worth it.

• After spending the night in jail for tossing a tire iron through the window of a state trooper's car and animal cruelty for beating a possum to death with the same tire iron, Mary (Alice Greczyn), the Amish girl that Lance (Clark Duke) falls for when they are at the Amish colony getting the broken down Mustang GTO fixed, bails them out of jail. Ian (Josh Zuckerman) and Felicia (Amanda Crew) hop in the car with Lance and Mary and he plans to head back home. But, Lance won't hear of it, and eventually he is convinced to make one last attempt to hook up with Ms Tasty at the Big Boy.
• They get rooms at the motel across from the Big Boy and await the tryst. Ian is getting ready in the Blaze Suite (made up with all kinds of fire-themed décor). Felicia is trying to coax him not to do this, and eventually offers up herself as a substitute. But he doesn't want her pity. She leaves. He finishes up and just when he's about to leave, Rex (James Marsden), his older brother, shows up with fire in his eyes ready to kill him. Ian stole his car, and now he's going to steal Ian's soul. After much fighting, Ian pulls the "I think I might be Gay" card and convinces Rex that this meeting with Ms. Tasty could be the only thing standing between him and his same-gender curiosity. Rex, a rampant homophobe, acquiesces, and lets his little brother take his car.
• Meanwhile, in the Fish Tank Suite, Lance and Mary are exploring each other under the sea.
• Ian hops in the car and head over to meet Ms Tasty (Katrina Bowden). They hop in his car and head off into the countryside. Felicia is in the back seat spying on them. They pull over, and Ian sets up the Señor Donut costume from the trunk as sort of a love nest. The start to fool around, and then he realizes this is not what he wants. He wants Felicia. As he starts to reject Ms. Tasty, she orders him to take off his clothes. He refuses and then sees Felicia's peeking out of the car window. Just at that moment, Ms. Tasty's partner Bobby Jo (Dave Sheridan) shows up with a gun and demands that Ian get undressed, and then they speed away in his car not realizing that Felicia is in the back seat. He's supposed to drop her back off at the Big Boy and then head to the chop shop.
• When they pull in to the Big Boy parking lot Ms. Tasty sees her next mark which just happens to be the Trapper Keeper car driven by Dylan (Cole Petersen) and Randy (Mark L. Young) that had been taunting Ian and company the entire trip. They are all excited to see Ms. Tasty. As Bobby Jo is about to drive away, a monster pick-up enters the scene and crashes into the GTO. The noise of the collision attracts the attention of Rex who runs out to see the side of his baby all caved in. He tries to fight and gets knocked down. Bobby Jo demands the drive of the pick-up give over his pick-up in exchange for the damage. Just as things couldn't get any better, Ian shows up dressed in the Señor Donut costume. He manages to get the gun and shoots Bobby Jo in the leg. Then the police show up and since he won't put up his non-moving arm, they taser the donut. It has no effect, and eventually Felicia manages to convince the police as to what really happened.
• They head to the Amish colony to return Mary and get the GTO fixed. When it's time to go, Lance decides to stay with Mary and become an Amish person.
• Rex heads back to Chicago. Ian and Felicia, now fully committed to each other, travel to the Shoe Tree, where Ian tosses up his shoes demonstrating his spontaneity and love for Felicia.
• At Thanksgiving, Rex announces that the reason he's been so angry and troubled is that he's been hiding in the closet and is gay.
• By Christmas, everyone has accepted Rex for who he is, and he and his boyfriend are given a juicer.

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