Spoiler Points for Bride Wars (2009)

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Spoiler Points for Bride Wars (2009) [PG] 90 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Bride Wars

If you got the urge to run home and put on your wedding gown mid-film, then this spoiler is for you.

• At little girls, Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) witness a wedding at The plaza and vow to marry there themselves one day.
• Decades later, Liv's a powerful lawyer dating Daniel (Steve Howey) and Emma's a school teacher dating Fletcher (Chris Pratt). As Liv's trying to fix up Emma's look, she finds a Tiffany's box in Daniel's closet. She assumes it's an engagement ring, but Emma won't let her open it. Liv goes around telling everyone she's engaged, but Daniel hasn't popped the question.
• In the meantime, in an event that should have been a huge warning sign for Emma, Fletcher proposed to her on the sofa while the two are eating take-out Chinese. The ring is in her fortune cookie. She is so touched and happy to have a proposal. She immediately phones and sets up an appointment with the best wedding planner in all of NYC, Marion St. Claire (Candice Bergen).
• On the way, she runs into Liv who's so jealous of the proposal, she forces Daniel to propose, and then goes to see Marion with Emma. Marion is fantastic and gets them each a date in June at The Plaza just as they've always dreamed.
• A bit later, however, they learn there's been a mix-up, which Marion blames on her hapless assistant, who is promptly fired. The two weddings have been planned for the same day by mistake. Oh no! OMG, how is this supposed to work? They cannot be each other's maids of honor if they are getting married????? Boo hoo! You'd think they'd just decide to have a joint wedding, wouldn't you? I mean these two have supposedly been inseparable since age 5. But, oh, now, Emma throws her weight around. She doesn't want to share the day.
• As they agree to try to resolve it, each becomes suspicious of the other and eventually, Emma sends out a tacky email invitation to her wedding on 6 June. This infuriates Liv. The two go to war.
• War basically consists of them doing awful things to each other:
•• Liv hires Emma's desired musician.
•• Emma sends Liv food to make her unable to fit into her Vera Wang.
•• Liv switches the tanning spray making Emma come out looking like an Oompa Loompa, so Emma switches her hair dye so Liv comes out looking like, in Daniel's words, a tall smurf. Of course, he gets it a little wrong because, of course, Smurfs had blue skin, and Smurfette had blond air, but anyway, he's not the most luminous bulb in the marquee.
• As a final blow, Liv has her assistant whip up a new wedding video of Emma in some unbecoming situations to swap with her real one to be played at the wedding—sound familiar? That's exactly the same thing that happens in 27 Dresses. Anyway, who among us is hoping for new plots all the time.
• So, as it comes closer to the wedding, Fletcher is seeing a new side of Emma he doesn't like. He likes her the way she was, before she was trying to destroy Liv's wedding. She equates this to him not liking her to stick up for herself, which is all just a plot device to push her into the arms of the man who really, really has always had a major crush on her since he was a little boy, you guessed it, or you can read on in the spoiler to find out!!!!! Hey, I have to do something to make this fun for me, as if snarky commentary isn't enough!!! LOL.
• So, eventually, the weddings are to go on, at the same time at The Plaza. As they get into their gowns, and Emma's mother doesn't seem to care too much that she's wearing her wedding gown making some oddly unsupportive comment like, "Sweetie, I don't care what you wear as long as you're happy." Blah, blah, arrrggh. Emma's dad, on the other hand, comes forth with the pin they found at The Plaze wedding when little girls. She says it should go to Liv, but he calls it something borrowed, and she puts it in her hair.
• Emma suddenly realizes that she wants to see Liv. Liv has regrets about the video and asks her assistant to take back and swap it out for the original. But, he ignores her wishes claiming she'll thank him one day. It's too late now for Emma to see Liv, but the two share a glance in the hallway before entering their respective wedding halls. Emma walks down the aisle, as the altered video is played showing the smarmy side of her. She is enraged and runs out across the hall to attack Liv. She knocks her off her feet. They tussle a bit, and then realize what's happened. All the while, they were supposed to be there for each other.
• Fletcher comes in. He has no desire to marry this woman he's now come to see a different side of. He leaves. This allows Emma to be the Maid of Honor at Liv's wedding. At the reception party after, Nate puts the moves on Emma. There you go, see, it was worth the wait, no?
• Fast forward to a year later. Emma and Liv are having lunch. Is this the first time they've seen each other? We don't know. They gab and then discover they are mutually pregnant setting up a possible sequel, Baby Shower Wars. Turns out that Liv and Daniel are perfect as are the newly married Nate and Emma. Oh, and Liv thinks it's a little creepy that her best friend married her little brother. Who knew?

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