Info / Movie Review for Last Chance Harvey (2008)

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Last Chance Harvey (2008) [PG-13]
| Expected Release Date: 1/16/2009 | | Expected Length: 92 minutes |
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| soundtrackDickon Hinchliffe - Last Chance Harvey (Original Motion Picture Score) |

Directed by: Joel Hopkins (Jump Tomorrow)
Written by: Joel Hopkins (Jump Tomorrow)
Based on the Book, by

Featured Cast: (where you might remember him/her from)
Dustin Hoffman (Kung Fu Panda) • Emma Thompson (I Am Legend) • Eileen Atkins (Evening) • Kathy Baker (The Jane Austen Book Club) • Liane Balaban (Definitely, Maybe) • James Brolin (The Hunting Party) • Richard Schiff (Martian Child) • Tim Howard ("Law & Order: Criminal Intent")

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