The New and Improved

Hey mEd fans, we're trying something new at for 2009. We are going to be, over the course of the next month changing mEd so that is even more useful and helpful to movie fans. We are no longer going to publish review just when movies come out. We are going to have records in our database for every movie we find out about--it's going to take some time for this to happen, at least several months. For each film, we will put as much information as we have about how to find out more about the film from trailer and site links to posters and cast. You will be able to find our records for films on the Coming Soon pages for each year which are being revamped. This is part of a transition of our work to File Maker Pro which will make updating our site much easier and more robust. We are still going to call each initial record (Movie Review of [insert title]) because this will assist people in finding the records via search engines. We do not mean to mislead people when there is not yet a review. If you've seen a film we have in our database, feel free to rate it using the W.I.P. scale at the bottom of each review/info page for a film and post your own comment/review. This will make the site even more important to our users.

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